No Health Insurance? Take Advantage of Free and Low-Cost Medical Care Resources

If you are an uninsured American, you are not alone. The effort to extend health care and medical coverage is making progress, but there are millions of Americans who fall through the cracks. A large number of people are without health insurance and struggle to deal with a wide range of illnesses and medical conditions. However, there are other available options to meet your needs.
Medical CareIf you know you are about to lose your health care, contact your doctor or schedule an appointment as soon as you can before your insurance lapses. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your options with your doctor while you still have coverage. Be sure to have your annual exams performed and ensure that your medications are refilled. Doing this buys you time to look for different sources for future medical care.
Take Advantage of Cash Pay Discounts Many physician offices and hospitals offer 40 to 50% off fees if the patient Diet Meal Plan To Lose Weight is paying cash. Don’t just assume you can’t afford to take care of your health. You won’t know unless you ask.
Consider the “Doc in the Box”For simple illnesses such as common colds, sinus infections, or minor injuries consider visiting one of the many clinics that are located inside major chain pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens. Most visits for an examination start at around $65.00. Now, compare that to an emergency room visit for a similar minor illness which could cost you around $270.00. That is a huge savings.
Search for a Free ClinicFree clinics and health care centers have become a safety net for many. They provide much-needed medical care to individuals who are without healthcare coverage. For more information, visit the National Association of Free Clinics website. There are more than 500 clinics and health care centers listed on the website, and is organized by state for an easy search experience.
Other OrganizationsDon’t forget about the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and even your church or place of worship. These organization are not likely to offer health care, but there is a chance that they can lead you to a place where you can find the resources you need. Hospital Management Wikipedia Your overall health is of extreme importance not only to yourself, but your family also. Help is available, but you must be willing & ready to make phone calls, inquiries, and work your connections in order to find the resources to help you maintain optimal health.