No Threat of Radiation Poisoning From Fallout or One More Cover Up? What Should We Do?

So the media is not giving us a strait story, what exactly is the truth?…

So the media is not giving us a strait story, what exactly is the truth? Officials say don’t be concerned on the US west coast when the cloud hit southern California on Friday the 18th. They tell us not to worry about it though, that it would be diluted by the time it got here. After all, what’s a little radioactive Isotope of Iodine (Iodine-131) going to hurt falling from the sky? This is typical and cover ups like this have been going on since the 1940’s.
Well apparently we don’t have to worry right? The president says not to worry. Hmmm? Let’s pretend that he is mistaken, and that the media is not fully disclosing the truth of the matter and there is real potential threat to us living on the West Coast, not even counting the irreparable damage going on in the ocean between.
There are several sources that have determined the path of the Radioactive Cloud, and it has indeed heading west. See the map via one of the links at the end of this article. It is alarming that Gregory Jaczko from the White House states that quote; “The Health Risks to U.S. residents are minimal”. So what the heck is that supposed to mean exactly? Signs of cancer and thyroid problems won’t show up until next year or the year after?
Give me a break! There has got to be some inside resources in Japan. Why can’t any of these people in charge just stand up and give the truth and possibly add a little preventative measure instead of waiting until a nightmare occurs and then we, the people, just have to live with “we’re sorry”, as we bury a family member ahead of time or deal with a lifetime of unaffordable doctor bills because of a “minor threat”.
The fact is the disaster in Japan is out of control and a well known physicist said and I quote” if those cracks grow or of there is an explosion, we’re talking a full blown Chernobyl, something beyond Chernobyl.
They have managed to cool down some of the unstable reactors and “spent fuel pools “but it seems as soon as they calm one, another cries danger. It really is a toxic nightmare juggling act, and we must pray for those brave souls in the midst of the intense radiation.
So I hope I made my point. The “cloud” and other global contamination is not going to stop until they seal up, cool Emerging Public Health Threats off, and shut down all their nuclear disasters in Japan and it’s harming the U.S. and the rest of the planet.
For us in the path of this truly ominous cloud, what can we do if running away is not an option?
First of all it sounds like a good idea to make sure you are not Iodine deficient. Iodine is rapidly absorbed by the thyroid gland, thus not knowing the difference; radioactive iodine from fallout can be rapidly absorbed by the thyroid if your body is lacking Iodine in the form of potassium iodide causing cancer and death. If you eat lots of sea vegetation such as kelp; Kombu especially; Bladderwrack; and sea food rich in natural Iodine your chances are good that your somewhat protected. Also chlorella, which is an alga, like seaweed, has also been said to have positive affects against damage to thyroid gland as well.
Potassium Iodide tablets are used in an emergency situation and are commonly available in and around nuclear facilities in case of an accident. These can be purchased at the store or online but supplies should be reserved for those closer to disaster areas and enduring high levels of fallout.
You see, if the good Iodine in your system is at capacity, you are less likely to absorb the bad stuff. If you take a good quality daily supplement it will have 100% Potassium Iodide in it, and if you have been taking it regularly for quite some time, your body should have plenty.
See the example in the link titled “Label” at the end of this article. But always better safe than sorry at this point. There are 5 Healthy Habits radiation monitor stations that can be viewed on the internet at radiation network as well as nuclear facilities around the U.S.
As far as your skin is concerned, you can bath in as hot as you can stand mixture of two pounds of baking soda and water. Stay in the bath until the water cools while sipping a mixture of A� tsp natural sea salt; A� tsp baking soda in warm water followed by three tabs of calcium lactate; if you think you have been exposed. This procedure should neutralize the contamination. NOTE- don’t rinse off afterwords for four hours and always seek medical assistance.
Todd Psick
Statements in this article are based on extensive research and are only as valid as facts that are found. Food products, vitamins, supplements, drugs, and anything else cannot guarantee to prevent illness, disease, or any other kind of sickness. Eating healthy and making sure that we get all the essential nutrients along with fiber and the recommended amount of drinking water with minerals daily is the very best way to increase our odds of being disease and illness free.
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