Obamacare, a Hurricane in Health Care

Obamacare is a hurricane in health care? Yep, and I urge you to get prepared now.
Hurricanes bring struggles. They result in lots of difficulties for lots of people. Those who prepare in advance always stand a much better chance of survival.
And there are lots of struggles and difficulties for many people developing Cincinnati Children’S Nurse Residency in regards to their family’s health care. It won’t be pretty.
Consider the elements of this perfect storm scenario already brewing – skyrocketing insurance deductibles, ridiculously high co-payments, insurance premiums in the stratosphere, an aging population, a shortage of primary care providers, a government that is broke, a population becoming more obese, and an economy in a recession. Warning, warning take shelter immediately!!!!!!!
This is no joke. One of professors predicted years ago that a time will come when there may be riots about health care. Looking at what’s brewing, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. The governments health care reform legislation, commonly referred to as Obamacare is adding fuel to the storm.
So what can you do? Plenty.
1) Accept that our conventional health care system was doomed from the beginning. This implosion should really come as no surprise. It’s really a sickness care system, aimed at relieving symptoms and handling crisis. It’s not really health care. The industry in general is interested in profits than in their customers wellbeing. If you have a doctor you trust great, keep him or her. But be aware of the ever increasing shenanigans in this failing system. We need more self care more than we need more health care.
2) Understand that real health comes from within. In reality, the only thing man ever really cured is a ham. LOL! We’ve each been gifted by God with our own inner doctor. Real health and healing results from allowing that inner doctor to go to work and giving it what it needs. You’ll find this more rational approach is embraced by holistic and natural health care providers.
“Each patient carries his own doctor within him. The patients come to us not knowing that truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor that resides within each patient the chance to go to work.” -Dr Albert Scweitzer, Noble Prize winner in medicine.
3) Learn what your inner doctor needs and provide it. Daily exercise, wholesome nutrition, good posture, structural balance, spiritual awareness and growth, adequate rest, pure water, and a positive mental attitude are some of the things to learn about and apply. Take more personal responsibility by learning and applying natural and holistic health and wellness. I’m happy to report that a few simple lifestyle changes are generally all that is needed. It’s easy when you learn how.
The storm is approaching. Healthy Foods Recipes I’m prepared. Are you?