Paramedic – An Exciting Member of the World of Emergency Medicine

Paramedic – An Exciting Member of the World of Emergency MedicineParamedics are highly trained medical…

Paramedic – An Exciting Member of the World of Emergency Medicine

Paramedics are highly trained medical professionals with the skills and knowledge to treat patients of all ages with all types of illness and injury. Emergency medicine jobs, such as the job of a paramedic, need to be filled by people with the desire to help people and the ability to think quickly when faced with difficult and stressful situations.

Paramedics can work on an ambulance in the field or use their knowledge in the triage department located in a hospital or clinic. Paramedics perform a wide array of treatments and procedures providing patients with the highest quality of care possible. Paramedics are capable of starting IV lines, administering medications, and interpreting the results of an EKG. Paramedics are also trained in advanced life support which involves airway control, breathing, and circulation support by performing CPR and utilizing advanced life support measures.

Emergency medicine jobs are very rewarding. A paramedic has a great opportunity to work in and with the community in order to provide good quality care to the residents. Paramedics are the eyes and ears of the emergency room doctors when they are out in the field and provide physicians with invaluable information about the patient and conditions surrounding the patients they transport to the hospital

In order to become a paramedic one must first go to school to become an emergency medical technician or EMT basic. Each state has guidelines discussing the amount of time an individual must hold an EMT license before being allowed to continue school necessary for becoming a paramedic. Paramedic courses generally average from 18 to 24 months of school. Accelerated classes are available in some areas of the country.

Once in the paramedic program a person can expect to learn a great deal of information. Material covering human anatomy and physiology to pharmacology (the study of medications) and everything in-between will be covered in the paramedic program. Physical skills must also be mastered by the paramedic student before passing the final exam and obtaining a license. The paramedic student will be tested on their performance of skills needed to work in the field.

Paramedics have a unique perspective in the world of medicine. They are faced with the challenges of environment, dangers on scene, and the unknown every day. It is a job that needs people who have a gentle and sympathetic nature with the ability to care for the sick and injured. Tough skin is sometimes required when working in tense and stressful situations like those faced by a paramedic in the field.

The career of a paramedic is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in emergency medicine. A paramedic offers a variety of treatments and procedures in the field to patients of all ages experiencing medical emergencies. Paramedics work as a direct extension of an emergency room physician providing the doctor with invaluable information needed for patient care.