Personal Rights Vs Social Values

One of the toughest jobs that a government must face is striking the balance between…

One of the toughest jobs that a government must face is striking the balance between social values and personal rights. Nearly all of the hot-button issues in politics concern this fundamental question. Let’s take a look at some of the issues:
1. Gun Control
When the United States was founded, the right to bear arms was included as the second amendment in the Bill of Rights. Our founding fathers considered the right to bear arms as an essential element of liberty. Lifestyle Tips Daily They saw firsthand what happens when the citizenry is not allowed to protect themselves: they become easy prey for criminals and governments who want to take advantage of them through the use of force.
On the other hand, tens of thousands of people are killed every year by guns. People who are in favor of gun control say that many of these deaths can be prevented if we have stricter policies on guns. But then that interferes with the personal liberty that the Bill of Rights guarantees.
2. Abortion
This is another hotly debated issue, but it boils down to the same question. What is more important, the sanctity of a human life or a woman’s personal right to her own body?
3. Gay Marriage
Which is more important, preserving our existing social order, or an individual’s right to choose his or her life partner, regardless of their sex?
4. Redistribution of Wealth
It seems that the richest people in society make much more money than the vast majority of people. Should they have the right to keep most of that money which they feel they earned, or should they be heavily taxed so that the poorest people aren’t left behind?
5. Drugs
This is another issue which concerns personal rights. Should a person have the right to choose what he does Healthy Food Chart to his own body? Perhaps society as a whole would be better if we could eliminate drugs from our streets.
6. Health Care
Should every person be entitled to free health care? Should everyone be required to purchase health care? Or maybe everyone should have the right to choose whether they want coverage or not.
7. And Many More…
There are many other issues similar to these that continue to be debated every day and every year, such as: Labor Unions, Social Security, Euthanasia, Affirmative Action, Education, Free Speech Rights, etc.
It is unlikely that these will be resolved any time soon, because many of them conflict with two very important values which our country is founded upon: social values and personal rights. The side that you choose may have a lot to do with which of these values is more important to you.