Pig Flu Vaccine, Thanks But No Thanks

Pig Flu Vaccine, Thanks But No Thanks

As winter slowly rolls in louder and louder the talk about vaccination is becoming. There’s still more then enough time to react, or not. Lets take a quick look and see, how the vaccines, and vaccination came about in the first place. First vaccination happened in ancient Egypt 3500 years ago. It was direct faro’s order that all of his subjects are injected, and its the priests that administered it. Interestingly enough, none of Hippocrates schools ever practiced vaccination. As a matter of fact, there’s a huge hole in history, longer then 2000 years that nobody knew or needed a vaccination.

It was restarted in 18th century in England and since that time it’s getting firmer and firmer grip over the worlds population.

But is it for good?

Is it for well being?

Or it’s entirely for something else?

Scientific notion is, that if you inject human with diluted solution of disease in question, that our immune system will kick in build the immunity and prevent the disease to happen.

Not many people know that vaccines are grown on a protein media. This protein is either plant or animal source. So far so good one would think. Well not really, if we know that we don’t live on food, but electro-magnetic energy released from that food. Animal tissue has different frequencies then human, so basically what that means is, when you inject a human with a vaccine grown on animal protein, you are possibly creating a Frankenstein.

This fact alone would be enough for many to, now start looking at it with different eyes.

Now if we take into the consideration a chicken flu virus, we should know as well that the only way for the person to get chicken flu virus is to get injected with fluid of a sick chicken. To make it plain and simple so everyone could understand, every person injected with an vaccine grown on chicken protein, will be infected.

Why would anybody think that pig flu vaccine is any different?

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