Proper Exercise and Nutrition Can Prevent, Treat and Even Cure Disease

Often people view proper exercise in a narrow way as just a way to lose…

Often people view proper exercise in a narrow way as just a way to lose weight or look better physically. Although these incentives can be helpful it is important to see exercise Specialising In Pharmacy as being much deeper than that. It is really about a person taking charge of their health, having more energy to enjoy life as well as protection from disease and living longer.
The dilemma with our general health today, is that 8 out of 10 people are just not using their muscular system as much as is needed to get and stay healthy. There has been a massive decrease in our level of physical movement and activity in the last 50 odd years. This along with poor nutrition habits is responsible for creating the health disaster that our modern world is facing today. It is now a serious health threat as physical inactivity is estimated to cause 1.9 million premature deaths worldwide annually.
One of the most effective killers and at the top of the list is cardiovascular disease which is also a disease which is so easily preventable through proper exercise and proper nutrition. It was not so long ago that people with ailments like heart disease, cancer or diabetes were told by doctors to take it easy and rest or consume several medications in order to manage these conditions.
We used to view activity and exercise for people with chronic disease as simply asking for trouble. But current evidence recommends that the overall outcome is better for someone who is regularly performing a proper exercise program than for a sedentary person in both good health and illness. There is no doubt now about the favorable impact of meaningful lifestyle changes which include proper exercise and nutrition can actually prevent, treat and even cure many of these health problems.
For people who have a chronic illness, the mental and emotional benefits along with the physical benefits of exercise can be life changing. Even short strength training sessions just 2-3 times per week, can help most chronically ill people feel happier, more vibrant and create more energy for them as their strength and fitness improves.
It is well known that many doctors do not to advise their patients about the important role of proper exercise and proper nutrition in preventing and treating disease. So, this means taking responsibility and simply getting started yourself. Even your Biochemists And Biophysicists local gym or fitness center can work around medical issues and provide a basic strength training program that will make a huge difference to the way you feel increasing strength and energy levels regardless of what other treatment is been given.
We have to acknowledge that we have become doctor dependent and rely on them to fix us up when we become ill. But they do not take care of our health – only our disease. Think of them as the breakdown service. It is up to us to do the general maintenance of which proper strength building and maintaining exercise along with quality nutrition that excludes as much processed foods as possible is the two most important needs.
Exercising and eating better will empower and energize you giving you the strength to increase your sense of control and better manage the situation if you are not well. You are never too ill or too old to get yourself going and reap the benefits.