Foot massage is not new to the human race. There is strong evidence that a form of therapy, similar to what we call reflexology today, have been practiced for centuries, by many diverse cultures. The oldest documentation depicting What Type Of Therapist Should I Be reflexology was discovered in Egypt. A pictograph dated around 2500 – 2330 BC show an Egyptian physician working on two men. The hieroglyphic reads. Patients: “Do not hurt me” Practitioner: “I shall act so you praise me”.
Reflexology is an ancient non-invasive healing art. This therapy fall into the realm of complementary medicine. Reflexology is considered to be a holistic healing modality, which aims to treat the individual person as a whole, in order to promote a balanced state in body, mind and spirit.
There are many theories as to how Reflexology works. One theory is that is works via the nervous system. Another is that there is a network of energy pathways called Ki or Chi. These Meridian pathways runs throughout our bodies. If you have blockades, whatever emotionally, mentally or physically energy can’t circulate. These blockades will have to e cleared away, so optimal energy will be restored to your body. This is done by applying pressure on specific areas either on your feet, hands or ears. The end result is that homeostasis is restored.
Few people realize that the body have an innate ability to heal itself – if given the chance, because the healing power lives within. Reflexology helps us re-activate the body’s natural healing powers and re-establish the equilibrium in our bodies.
The feet are a perfect microcosms of the body, as all the organs, glands and body parts is a “mirror” image of the whole body. A reflex point is an involuntary or unconscious response to a stimulus. A response is then elicited to all the organs and glands via energy pathways and when stimulated can have a profound effect and influence on our state of health.
The goal of reflexology is to trigger a return to homeostasis, by reducing stress and tension. When the body is at ease circulation What Is Prescribed Medication flows unimpeded and supply nutrients and oxygen to body parts, organs and cells and return them to a normal state.
One must understand that by venturing into the complementary field there is no such thing as an instant cure. It’s a healing process which affects the body and mind bringing into awareness the overwhelming effects that lifestyle and diet have on our health. One thing is to accept what is obvious, is that in order to achieve good health and wellbeing people must take this responsibility for them selves and substitute good habits for bad.