Reform Plans of President Obama

President Obama’s health insurance reform plans that he mentioned on last June are some of…

President Obama’s health insurance reform plans that he mentioned on last June are some of the most aggressive in recent times. The plans that are offered by such private insurers like United Healthcare, Kaiser, WellPoint and similar other private health insurers of the U.S. provide coverage to over 200 million Americans in 2009.
These plans are known as the Health Insurance Consumer Protections by the White House and considered to be of high importance in thwarting the bad practices that are often used by the insurers to exclude people from getting coverage, and also to avoid the need to pay for health care services that people use after paying for premiums.
The agenda of reforms in health insurance plan that President Obama has promised to bring in force are as follows:
o Unable to Exclude Coverage Due to Pre-Existing Conditions
The new reform prohibits insurance companies from denying you of coverage due to your medical history.
o Limit on Out-of-Pocket Annual Expenses
Health Insurance Companies will have to go by the annual limit on the amount of money they can charge for out-of-pocket expenses. As President Obama points out, not a single American should go broke due to an illness.
o No Lifetime Limit for Health Care Coverage
Insurance companies cannot place any arbitrary caps on the amount of coverage that a person can receive in a given year or in lifetime.
o No Drop in Health Insurance Coverage
The new reform stops the insurers from dropping or reducing coverage for a person if he or she becomes seriously ill.
o No Gender Discrimination
Gender cannot be the reason to charge more by the insurance companies.
o 100% coverage of cost for Check-Ups and Preventive Health Care
President Obama said that the insurance companies are required to give coverage for routine checkups and preventive care including colonoscopies and mammograms, eye and foot exams for the diabetics. These are done so that these chronic illnesses do not take away the lives of people and also to prevent money loss.
o Young Adults Medicine Online Coverage
The new reforms make it easy for children to be eligible Health Awareness Speech for getting family coverage till the age of 26.
o Insurance Renewal Guarantee
As long as the policyholder pays their premium in full, the insurance companies have to renew the policy. Insurance companies cannot refuse renewal in the event of someone becoming sick.
President Obama said that all Americans can finally be able to get quality and affordable coverage. The new health insurance reforms also guarantee those who have health insurance with more stability and more security.
The present system of health insurance works out good for the insurance companies but sometimes it fails to work for you. The reforms are meant to protect the consumer with fair treatment and at the same time make the insurance companies accountable.