Save Money With Better Healthcare Using Telemedicine

Telemedicine: The Future of Cost Effective, Convenient CareChildren going to college, visiting friends and relatives,…

Telemedicine: The Future of Cost Effective, Convenient Care
Children going to college, visiting friends and relatives, taking a vacation, traveling for business… there are hundreds of times where it is impractical or impossible to get in touch with your primary care physician if you feel ill. That is the time when you think there must be a better way. Telemedicine is a more convenient, more affordable way to access the care you and where you need it. It does not replace your primary care physician but rather complements it… giving you access to healthcare on your terms.
How does Telemedicine work?
Telemedical systems like TelaDoc – the nation’s largest provider of Telemedical services – use the web, highly secure electronic health record [EHR] systems, and state licensed, board-certified US physicians to address your medical needs – anytime, anywhere, 24/7, 365 days a year to handle your non-emergency healthcare needs. A TelaDoc physician is always a phone call or click away.
When you join a telemedical system like TelaDoc, you or your primary care physician will fill out your medical history disclosure form [it takes about 15 minutes to complete]. This form then becomes a part of your electronic health record [EHR]. Whenever you call TelaDoc, visit a hospital, or your primary care physician, you can access these and update these secure medical records to keep an accurate record of your prescriptions and healthcare history.
Here is how you use a telemedical provider like TelaDoc:
1. When you have a medical issue, simply log on to your account to request a consult. You will be asked for a contact number where the doctor can reach you.
2. A board-certified physician who is licensed in your state receives your request and reviews your personal EHR. The doctor then calls you back wherever you are, in most cases within an hour.* The doctor will always call within 3 hours guaranteed. The average response time is 23 minutes.
3. The doctor takes time to speak with you on the phone, listens to your concerns, and asks you questions to determine the medical issue. There is no time limit to the consult. These doctors use the strictest, nationally recognized clinical standards when consulting with you.
4. Based on this consultation, the doctor recommends the right therapy or treatment, or refers you to a Primary Care Physician [PCP] if necessary. 91% of TelaDoc members report that the TelaDoc physician resolved their medical issue.
5. If the doctor has ordered a prescription to treat your case, it is phoned into your local pharmacy. It will be waiting there for you to pick it up at your convenience.
6. The doctor then updates your EHR based on the consult so that this information is available to you and, if you consent, your PCP online anytime. Your personal information is kept completely private. You are the only one who can determine who is able to see your records.
7. You can pay for the consult by debit or credit card or, if your billing information on file, it’s all taken care of in advance. The cost for these consultations Military Diet Reviews is usually $40 or less, depending on your plan. Read the plan details to learn how each telemedical system charges for its consult services
8. Your satisfaction will be measured. At the end of every call, the doctor will ask if they have answered all your questions, and they will follow up with you to see if you were satisfied with the service.
With TelaDoc, 97% of its members were satisfied with Beginners Guide To Insurance their consult and 95% said they would use it again.
When should you use a telemedical service like TelaDoc?
o Anytime you have a non-emergency medical issue
o If you can’t reach your primary care physician
o If it’s after doctor’s normal hours of operation – Our kids always get ill at night
o When you can’t make it to the doctor’s office due to weather or a remote location
o If you have young children and you’re unable to go to the doctor’s office
o When you’re on vacation, on a business trip, or away from home – Great for college students- especially if they have migraines, allergies or other “predictable” needs
o If you need a short-term prescription refill
o If you’d like guidance on the type of specialist you should see
o If you have a health-related question you’d like answered
o If you’d like a medical issue explained to you or you need a second opinion
o If you’re thinking of going to the emergency room for a non-emergency medical issue
o As a higher-quality, lower-cost alternative to minute clinics and urgent care centers
o To keep your health record up-to-date and share it with your PCP
o To get access in pandemic or national emergency situations when there is no other access to medical care
When shouldn’t you use a telemedical service like TelaDoc?
o When you have a serious medical emergency
o If you are treating a complicated or chronic disease
o If you are looking for long term, DEA controlled or lifestyle drugs
o As a substitution for your PCP
Consider Telemedicine for your family Today
Telemedical systems like TelaDoc save you money & give you 24×7 access to high quality, responsive physicians to meet your medical needs. With kids at college, a family that travels for business or pleasure or just the security of knowing you can get to a qualified doctor 24×7, telemedicine is a product you need to consider.