Start a Wellness Program TODAY!

It is never too late to start a wellness program, no matter what your age, health, or circumstances. Even the most minor changes count. A wellness program does not mean an instant, total lifestyle change today.
Your beginning program may be as simple as standing for a few minutes each hour or eating 2 donuts instead of 3. Small changes add up and get you going in the right direction.
1. Commit your goals and desires to paper. Be realistic. Set goals for this week; next month, next year and five years from now. Be specific in stating exactly what you want to do. How many pounds? How much exercise? You need to measure your progress of a goal of losing weight is not helpful. How much weight, in what time period. You must be able to know if you are on the right path and see progress. Without a measurable part you will never know if you have achieved your goal. Goals must have action attached to them. Just thinking and dreaming won’t do it. You must take action. Set realistic goals. You can achieve great goals, in time; make plenty of small steps on a realistic level to make success. You may wish to lose 100 pounds. This is doable, but not in a week or even a month, be realistic in your expectations. Set a time limit to reach your gal. If your goal is large, break it down into measurable and doable segments.
2. What, when, and how? What will achieving your goal take? When will you work on you goal? How will you do it, where will you do it? You need answers to these question to achieve the success you want
3. Plan-few things in life happen without planning (the planning may not always be intentional). Set Phases Of Chemotherapy For Aml out a roadmap for yourself in as great detail as possible. Expect detours and plan around them.
4. Write in a journal. When your desires, problem, fears and obstacles are written down it often opens a path to see the solutions. Write down your feelings, vent, and rejoice.
5. Start where you are: now, today, where you are standing is the only place you have. Do not wait until circumstance as different. You have only this moment, start here
6. Start small: one step at a time. Starting off small ensures success making huge changes almost always guarantee failure
7. Expect setbacks-learn from them. Don’t belittle yourself or blame yourself. You are human and humans make mistakes, fall back into old habits. It is normal and expected-learn and go on.
8. Plan on doing some ‘housecleaning’. This is both figurative and literal. Most of our homes need decluttering, as much as our minds do. If you are living in cluttered mess and are unable to easily walk through your home you will not function at your best. Likewise if your mind is filled with negativity and must do’s you cannot think straight and concentrate on you wellness plans. Your things may need prioritized and streamlining.
9. You are unique and wonderful. Other people are also unique. Don’t compare your progress with anyone else’s. Your only completion is yourself. Work to improve the healthy food choices you make, the number of steps you take each day. Your wellness plan is for you and you alone so it matters not how anyone else is doing. You are focus of your plan.
10. Reward yourself! Smile, giggle, do a high five! Give yourself a treat (just be sure it is not Health Policy And Management Salary a self-sabotaging treat.) whether treat s small or large just be sure you know you are the star.
The wellness plan started today is the plan that will succeed. One small step at a time finishes the race.