Taking Fish Oil Could Extend Your Life

So many of us are now taking fish oil, that other food manufacturers have jumped…

So many of us are now taking fish oil, that other food manufacturers have jumped on the good health news bandwagon and started to add it to such common food items like milk, bread and eggs. Some are even suggesting that regular consumption could prolong your life. Here’s a few reasons why.
The wealth of research conducted over recent years has lent weight to the belief that fish oils are good for your heart, brain and bones. Furthermore, there’s a protective effect in relation to such conditions as back pain, eye health and even against some types of cancers, although this last point remains the most controversial.
One health area which has been examined closer than others is that of the heart. Cardiologists in America Keep Your Body Healthy Quotes thought their very own journal have recommended everyone take omega-3, even people in normal health.
When they looked through the previous twenty years of studies their conclusion gave a thumbs up for fish oil reducing the risk of a heart attack for those who exhibit the risk factors, or because of family history, and so prolonging the human lifespan. What also many seem to forget or overlook is that this type of therapy is quite cheap and very safe. A clinical study conducted in Italy amongst heart attack survivors, gave them fish oil supplements every day. What a surprise when after four months they said their risk of dying was cut by half.
One other disease which is on the increase amongst the elderly and which robs many of them living happily into old age is Alzheimers. By taking omega 3 cognitive functions were safeguarded, especially those oils with a high proportion of DHA fatty acid, amongst the best you can science is complicated but it has something to do with reducing plaque formation in the brain which can result in dementia.
This next point is possibly one which has provoked a lot of mixed reatcion and understandably, as it deals with cancer, still a big killer but one where survival rates Types Of Health Insurance are happily are better than ever. We need to tread carefully here as there’s a lot of conflicting research, but we can draw on a few favorable strands of news.
One is that regularly taking fish oil may help reduce the chances of developing bowel cancers.Another Californian study mentioned a big drop in the risk of catching prostate cancer when omega 3 fatty acids were consumed, but at a higher dosage than the norm.
Such interesting perspectives do throw a new and inquisitive light on the subject, plus who of us would turn down the chance of increasing our natural lifespan, if we could.