The Basics in Healthy Longevity

For centuries mankind has sought ways to not only increase the length of his life…

For centuries mankind has sought ways to not only increase the length of his life but to make the senior years healthy and more productive. In the book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, we read of people living to be literally hundreds of years old, having children when they are well past 100 and doing heavy labour (Noah was 600 years old when he and his 3 sons built the ark) when they were several centuries old. Today if anyone lives to be a 100 they get special letters from the queen, president or prime minister of their country, congratulating them on living so long. In early Biblical times they would have been regarded as mere youngsters. The obvious questions are, “What enable those people in Genesis to live so long and can we duplicate it today?”
Some have maintained that the word years should actually be months which if taken as the explanation would mean that Noah was only 50 when he built the ark which sounds far more reasonable. However this theory does run into some problems when for instance we read in Genesis 5:21, “When Enoch had lived 65 years, he became the father of Methuselah,,,” which, if we use each month as a year theory, means that Enoch was a little less than 5 and a half years old when he became a father, which of course is a biological impossibility. So we are back to accepting the word year to mean exactly that, 365 day unit of time. This then brings us back to the question, “How did they live to be that old?”
A number of theories have been put forward to explain this longevity including:
1. The atmosphere was free of toxins so this lowered the rate of air born diseases and pollution
2. The diets were much simpler, did not include processed, fried or chemically enhanced foods
3. The genetic pool was much purer then and did not have within it the huge variety of diseases and conditions that it does today.
4. The peoples’ lifestyle was much slower and did not have all the stresses that we do today.
5. The people were much more fit as they had to Health Insurance Doesn’T Cover Anything do everything by hand and walked everywhere.
While each of these points are true, it still leaves us with the question of, How can we apply this knowledge to help us live longer today? We know that aging begins at the cellular level and that as we age the cells become less and less capable of reproducing healthy cells. What we have to find is a way of reversing that trend and restoring the cells ability to reproduce healthy cells.
As we look back at the list above we can see how each of those 5 points would produce less stress on the cells of the body which in turn would allow them to keep reproducing healthier cells much longer. So what we have to do is try and duplicate each of those conditions as closely as we can so that our body cells can keep reproducing healthy cells longer.
So if we looked at the first point, the atmosphere was much cleaner, we have to find ways of making the air we breath much cleaner and to help with this we now have available a wide range of air filters that we can use in our homes and places of work. This would definitely help the cells to be healthier. Of course it goes without saying that as part of cleaning up the air we breath, we would not be a smoker or have any smokers around us. That is known as staying off the land minds if you really want to live longer. This covers the smoking of anything.
Secondly, we can look at the things we are eating and remove from our diets processed, fried and chemically enhanced foods. Instead we should be eating more fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables. We should also make sure we are supplementing properly with high quality vitamins and minerals so that cells have all the nutrients they need not only to do their work but to reproduce healthy cells. Another fairly recent discovery is RESVERATROL, a substance found in the skin of red grapes that has been found to provide many health benefits including extending the years of your life, protecting the heart against disease, protect against and fighting cancer, and ramping up the metabolic rate which helps us lose weight. So this definitely should be part of everyone’s supplement program.
Another aspect of supplements is looking for natural products to take instead of drugs. Doctors, for the most part, don’t treat causes, they treat symptoms and for each new symptom you develop, they will prescribe another drug. Please realize that each drug will produce its own side effects/symptoms and is toxic to your liver. So if you are really trying to get your body into a healthy state, you must get rid of the toxins that have built up in it over the years and replace them with natural supplements that actually support the body’s efforts to heal itself and increase healthy longevity. There are various ways of getting toxins out of the cells, these include the use of certain herbs, ion foot spas and colonics/colon cleansing, Getting rid of the toxins in our bodies is an essential part of living longer.
Thirdly, the purity of the genetic pool can pose a problem in that we cannot avoid the genetic problems we have inherited. However, by working to improve our own health, we can actually pass on to our children a stronger genetic code than we received. Further, if we teach our children to live healthy lifes, they will pass unto their children an even stronger genetic code than they got from us. As this trend continues generation after generation then we will see people living longer, healthier lives.
Fourthly, in terms of lifestyle, we often can make some different selections as to how much work we do and at what speed, and how we spend our leisure time. Stress on the job may be unavoidable but give your body, mind and spirit a break by having leisure activities that gives your cells a chance to de-stress. Part of this stress reduction process is making sure you get a good nights sleep, with the head and neck properly supported. You should get a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. You should wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, stress free and ready to go into the new day. Shift workers, who often have problems getting enough sleep live on the average 10 years less than non-shift workers. Our body clocks run best when we work during the day and rest at night.
Another thing to consider is ‘electro-smog’, the ever present electromagnetic fields that surround us from the appliances, computers, cell phones, lights and every electric gadget that we use. The high frequencies that they produce have a direct and negative effect on cell health as several studies have shown. For example, according to one study, people who use cell phone type devices for an hour or more a day are 75% more likely to develop brain cancer than those who do not use cell phones or use them rarely. Further, researchers at Israel’s University of Haifa analyzed satellite measurements of nighttime light and cancer rates in 164 countries. The most brightly lit places had the highest rates of prostate cancer-more than double those in the dimmest nations. In another study, Harvard researchers found that subjects (post-menopausal women) with the lowest nighttime levels of melatonin were 60 percent more likely to develop breast cancer. Since light suppresses the brain’s production of melatonin, the more light a woman was exposed to the greater the chance she would develop breast cancer. This once again stresses the need for 6 to 8 hours sleep every night.
To help improve your body’s ability to ward off the harmful effects of the electromagnetic frequencies we cannot avoid, we need to strengthen our cells with healthy low frequency electromagnetic frequencies, such as we get from the earth’s magnetic field. Walking through the surf along the seashore is a very healthy exercise in helping to fortify our cells against the harmful frequencies. For those of us that cannot get to the sea shore, the use of pulsating electromagnetic field(pemf’s) devices which provides our body cells with the full range of electro-magnetic frequencies that each different type of cell needs to be healthy.
Fifthly and lastly, is the need our bodies have for exercise. Our bodies were created to move and not to keep our bodies moving every day is sure way to decrease cell health and shorten our lifes. We should engage in aerobic activity for a minimum of 20 minutes at least 3 times a week, daily if possible. This allows Disadvantages Of Vitamins our bodies to maintain good cell health by improving circulation which helps to deliver the nutrients that we discussed back in part 2 to each cell. The use of pemf’s increases the cell’s ability to absorb the nutrients by at least 50% which, of course, cannot help but produce healthier, more robust cells.