The Benefits of Having OHSAS 18001

Would you rather have to deal with a company with no concern for employee welfare, or one whose high level of Occupational Health and Safety has been proven by a UK management standard? The answer is simple. Having OHSAS 6 Basic Rules For Good Health 18001 certification builds customer confidence. Customers who are aware of the high welfare of employees, and of a safe working environment, maintained by a company are more likely to place trust in it in other respects.
Not only does Occupational Health and Safety concern the welfare of employees, but it may also stretch to that of family members, suppliers and customers, and any member of the public who may be directly or indirectly involved with the workplace.. The far-reaching effect of Occupational Health and Safety means that having OHSAS 18001 certification commands more respect from customers for the effort taken to gain it.
There are many factors involved in having a safe working environment, and it can be hard to assess personally. Not only are there mechanical, physical, biological and chemical risks, each with sub-categories, but risk stretches to psychosocial issues. Even if it is possible to observe some of the risks to health and safety in a working Supplement Safety Database environment, it is difficult to pick up on issues such as stress, violence and bullying, as these are often concealed by perpetrators. Having the OHSAS 18001 standard carried out in your workplace, therefore, means that risks such as these can be detected and thoroughly investigated from an impartial, objective standpoint.
Having a safe working environment means not only that you can relax in the knowledge of a reduced risk of injury, but that in the rare case of an accident, there are fewer legal risks – giving peace of mind to many employers I’m sure you’ll agree. Having OHSAS 18001 reduces the risk of Corporate Manslaughter prosecution, by exhibiting that due diligence is paid.
As well as customer confidence, a more safe and relaxed working environment, and a better standing in legal situations, having OHSAS 18001 is cost-effective. By assessing health and safety initially, money can be saved on the rework that would have to be carried out if any issues occurred subsequent to the construction of a workplace. It also saves legal costs in the event of an incident, fines incurred by not paying due diligence, decreased morale in employees and a subsequent reduction in production, and the loss of customer confidence.