The Cost of Organic Foods is Challenging Human Health

Let’s face it, America is getting a bit hefty, and it has a lot to…

Let’s face it, America is getting a bit hefty, and it has a lot to do with the food we eat, we cannot deny this, look around. Question is what can we do about it? In New York they are taxing such foods and outlawing transfat at restaurants, Personality Traits For Healthcare Management and putting a sin-tax on everything else. In California, they have just outlawed Happy Meals in some places. I guess they don’t want fast-food places marketing to kids, and using Cigarette Industry case law to make that happen.
Personally, I care about freedom and liberty, and don’t necessarily want my government telling me what to eat, but they believe they have a right now that they are going to supposedly pay for health care, in some way. Yet, I’ve noted my healthcare insurance do nothing but climb, so, I am not sure if they realize, that I am paying for it not them. Recently, I was have a discussion on this topic and a very interesting comment came up.
He stated; “More efforts to bring in organic produce and such at affordable costs, it shouldn’t be more expensive to eat a salad than to eat a Double Cheese burger.” That’s a hard-hitting fact isn’t it? Sure it is, and I said – “YES! No kidding.” Of course, this is what economies of scale, capitalism, and free markets do, they bring low cost foods, and personally I don’t mind the Double Cheeseburgers – I like burgers fine. Meat has protein, cheese is a dairy product, I need calories, and carbs, no problems here,
Still, I understand his comment you see, what gets me is the processed goodies like a 3 Lb. tray of Duplex Cookies for less cost than 2-apples and a Green Bell Pepper? What’s up with that? Crazy isn’t it, but I love the abundance, what a great country to live in. Part of the problem is the over regulation of agriculture and farming. And those Duplex Cookies are tasty if you use discretion and moderation. Personal responsibility is the key of course.
And China is kicking our butts in Organic Foods, but I still question their often polluted water supplies there, what they call organic might be somewhat scary here. Jim Rogers says it’s one of their fastest growing industries, besides new coal-fired plants in the energy sector. And speaking of international investment capital, Rubenstein of the Carlisle Group is no dummy – he invested in a Chinese Fishing Company, which fishes guess where?
North Atlantic! Go figure, too many dead zones to fish near China now – it’s a crazy world – and the Chinese aren’t eating just one bowl of fish and rice anymore – and they love wine, organically What Vitamins Should I Take Daily For A Man grown of course! Speaking of Double Cheeseburgers have you read Ray Kroc’s book “Grinding it Out” or Dave Thomas’ book “Wendy’s” pretty interesting stuff, great success stories.
Let’s educate people and remove some of the regulations in farming, if we did that we might just find ourselves in a much better place health wise. Of course, this debate might go on for generations, so, the sound and fury continues. Stay tuned.