The Importance of Providing Temporary Power

The Importance of Providing Temporary Power

The words ‘temporary’ and ‘power’ probably won’t mean much to many people, they could get the term mixed up with ’emergency power’, but the chances are a great percentage of the general public either won’t know, or won’t care about temporary power. However, temporary power is something that affects us from day to day, and also helps us in ways that those outside the industry may not have ever considered.

Temporary power, as the name suggests, is a power source that is designed to be used for a short space of time, such as a few hours, a few days, or even up to a few weeks. This makes it very useful for outdoor events, such as music or other cultural events, weddings and it can also provide much-needed power on building sites where certain machinery needs power in order to work. Without this type of power, many popular events, such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Glastonbury, T in the Park and Burning Man.

The level of temporary power provided will be based on the amount of power needed, so the amount of power needed to keep a wedding marquee well-lit and provide electricity for the band and/or DJ will be fairly small, especially when compared to the needs of a notional music festival, or even a damaged power grid. So, temporary power can be increased or decreased depending on what it is being used for. Which is very useful, as having too much or too little power can be very difficult for many people, and imagine if the national grid doesn’t have enough power, then no one will get enough power.

When it comes to the importance of temporary power, it’s importance really can’t be measured, because the work it help provide can be vital, if not lifesaving in the case of being used to support the power grid. Emergency generators can power buildings, machinery and other electrical items very quickly, efficiently and what’s more, they are known to be very reliant, which is very helpful, especially when being used in hospitals or other medical centres. One of the most well-known and most used type of generator is the Diesel Emergency Generator, which as the name suggests, uses diesel oil to run and therefore, to generate power. These generators are designed to be portable, meaning that they can be transported to lots of different places easily, and there are also ‘green’ versions, which produce less waste than generic diesel emergency generators.

Because they are so widely used across a multitude of industries and services, generators that supply temporary power are in high demand across the world, which shows that the reasons for people needing temporary power are many and vast, because sometimes you just need a little more power, especially during a music festival.

That was just a few words about the wonders of temporary power, so next time you pass an outdoor event, attend a music festival, or maybe the next time you visit or work on a building site, you’ll know exactly how the power has been supplied to these places, which could come in very useful.