The Meaning of the Mother and the Father in Dreams

A symbol expresses much more than words because it has a background. It is composed by a certain story, and it shows to the dreamer this entire story in only one image.
A symbol is a collection of meanings, like a sentence is a collection of words.
When for example you see your mother in a dream, this means that the dream is showing you first of all that you are being influenced by the wild side of your conscience, which is violent, immoral and sneaky. This is your other self, your primitive self, which you ignore. I named it anti-conscience because it works against the human side of our conscience, trying to destroy it through craziness. The anti-conscience provokes all existent mental illnesses to the human side of the human conscience.
It is an independent conscience that works like a wild animal, trying to kill our human side. The anti-conscience is very dangerous and powerful. This is why it predominates in the human brain, and behavior.
We see dreams exactly because the wise unconscious mind, another independent brain which is inside our own brain and sees everything, teaches us the truth about our psychical formation, showing us everything that happens with the anti-conscience, and how much it influences us.
This means that when you start studying the meaning of dreams you discover what exists inside your own brain and how to control your behavior, develop your intelligence and much more, by following the guidance of the unconscious mind, reflected in the dream symbols.
Your mother in dreams is your worst enemy. She represents the roots of absurdity and evil. You have to be very careful when she appears in your dreams and try to find out in which points the anti-conscience is influencing you.
You are making serious mistakes influenced by this dangerous part of your brain. Be careful and keep writing down your dreams, translate them according to the scientific method and follow the guidance of the unconscious mind, so that you may stop doing what is destroying your human side and giving more power to the anti-conscience, which is trying to control completely your behavior.
It is a beast that thinks rationally but has no human feelings. The anti-conscience is totally selfish and cruel.
Don’t let your worst side win, but be you, the human being, the hero who will control your behavior, after eliminating this monster from your brain. You have to transform this beast into a human being. You cannot kill it, because it is a part of your brain, even though it works independently of the control of the human side of your conscience, which you can see.
Your father in dreams represents your idiot and one-sided human conscience, which is selfish and ignorant. If you see your father in a dream, this means that you are a slave of your psychological type. In other words: you are simply repeating the mistakes of your psychological type by repeating the wrong reactions that predetermine your behavior.
Be very careful when you see your parents in Treatment Medical Terminology dreams! Their symbolic meaning is very bad.
Of course, their symbolic meaning is totally different from their literary meaning. In our daily lives our parents are good for us and we love them – at least this is the most frequent image they have.
However, the language of the unconscious mind is a language that you must learn, the same way you learn any foreign language made with words.
You’ll discover that the unconscious mind defines, in a totally different way, How To Make Healthy Body In Hindi the things that your human conscience defines, following other structures.