Healthcare experts across the globe always advocate a healthy lifestyle and an educated living. Being aware about various medical conditions as well as annually How To Become Healthy And Fit undergoing medical examinations is definitely the right way to lead your life. Taking care of your body is essential because that is where you actually live!
Women often need to undergo tests like the female body exam, pelvic exam, breast examination and others. When it comes to the female body, one must understand that the bodily functions are much different from that of the male body. Besides general functions like digestions, respiration, excretions which are the same all humans, the reproductive system in men and women is very different. The female body has the menstrual cycle in addition to changes in the body during pregnancy and childbirth. Due to these many unique characteristics, women are prone to different diseases or medical conditions related to the vulva, cervix, ovaries and uterus and hence, the Pap smear examination should be carried out to check the functioning of body organs.
This is a simple medical procedure where cells from the cervix of the female’s body are collected and studied in the laboratory. Two samples of cells are collected with the cervix brush. The cervix cells collected by insertion How To Lose Weight In 7 Days of a speculum into the vagina are referred to as the endo-cervical sample and the sample of cells scraped from the sides of the cervix without entering it is called the ecto-cervical sample. Both samples are evaluated.
According to the American Cancer Society, any woman above the age of 21 years should get the Pap smear test done annually. Cervical cancer is caused by a human papillomavirus – HPV – which is sexually transmitted. Although the possibility of suffering from cervical cancer is very low for women who have never had a sexual intercourse, it is recommended to undertake the test since suspicious growths or other anomalies can be inspected through this examination.
Appointments for you Pap smear tests should be scheduled about 10-15 days after the last period. Unless your doctor wants to check the flow, it is not recommended to get a smear done while menstruating. 24 -48 hours before the appointment, one must not indulge in any vaginal activity like intercourse, use of tampons or douche. Frequently, women do not follow-up on abnormal reports and this can be fatal is treatment for severe conditions is not started promptly. It is hence important to participate in getting you body tested and being keen to help you healthcare practitioner give you the best service.