The Potential Effects of Health Care Reform on My Personal Health Insurance Plan

The debate about health care reform rages on with little discussion about the negative effects…

The debate about health care reform rages on with little discussion about the negative effects that all of us are likely to see. While the goals of health reform seem noble, an in-depth look will reveal the unintended consequences.
Higher cost – Health reform focuses on forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions and a myriad of other mandates for the benefit of those that have been irresponsible. Maintaining health insurance coverage long term eliminates any problems with pre-existing conditions. The proposed legislation will force insurers to cover those who have “taken a chance” to go uninsured and have the rest of us pay the bill.
Rationing of care – Reform includes having bureaucrats deciding what procedures individuals can have based on age and the severity of their medical condition. Those decisions are best left between a patient and their physician.
Lack of providers – As the government intrudes more into the practices of physicians and attempts to essentially make them government employees, our best physicians will call it Personality Traits For Healthcare Management quits. This intrusion and overbearing government will cause many physicians to realize they are unable to live up to their Hippocratic Oath and that it’s simply not worth it.
Lower quality – One does not need to look far to realize that the government does not do things efficiently. Privately run health insurance companies and health care organizations have motivation to perform well and provide quality care and services. The free market and capitalism produces the best products.
Loss of choices – Reform legislation seeks to eliminate popular plan options such as HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts) and penalize employers and insurance companies for offering plans rich in benefits.
While the future appears dim for health care choices, changes to our current system could still be many years away. Our current health care system and health Latest Medical Discoveries insurance options are the envy of the world. Find out more about competitive plans in your area and get a instant, no-obligation quote by visiting .