The Power of Digestive Enzyme Supplements for Maximized Health

The human body relies on some 13,000 different enzymes to think, feel, move, digest-you name it, and more likely than not, one of these microscopic proteins are involved. These small proteins can combine with nearly 100,000 other coenzymes to form the chemicals that help run the body. And when it comes to digestion, enzymes are key factors that we just can’t live without.
As far as our digestive enzymes are concerned, most of them work by breaking down bonds. For example, after last night’s meal, they went to work by breaking down their assigned substances. Each is specifically designed to break down proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc.
The human body can make certain enzymes, but it needs to get many of these proteins from other sources in order to maintain maximum health. We are all born with a certain number of them, and as each one completes its job, it dies. To some extent, our bodies can produce a portion of the digestive enzymes needed, e.g. some are made in the liver as well as in the pancreas; however, a large percentage of the enzymes needed for digestion come from foods or supplements.
Most of the foods that contain enzymes useful for digestion are raw foods. After they’re activated by the heat and moisture of our mouths, the protein can begin its process of Public Health Issue Definition breaking our snack or meal into pieces small enough to pass through the walls of our intestines. This is how the body is able to extract nutrients from the things we eat.
It is believed that as we age, our bodies’ enzyme production ability significantly slows down-hence the reason why lactose intolerance is more prevalent in older individuals. Some people’s bodies actually stop producing the lactase protein, which causes extreme stress on their digestive system when dairy products are consumed. Research shows that the enzyme count in the saliva of adults over 69 are nearly 30 times weaker than those found in young adults.
Even athletes need to be aware of the risks of enzyme deficiency because they can be lost through perspiration, and the body uses them to maintain Healthy Lifestyle Facts health during exercise. This type of deficiency can affect the body in so many ways that it’s essential to do everything possible to avoid it.
In today’s world, diets consist heavily of frozen food, pasteurized food, cooked food, processed food or foods containing chemicals to increase shelf life-all of which can kill the enzymes that the body so desperately needs. If a person fails to consume an adequate amount of them, his digestive system is placed under great stress to produce more of these proteins for proper digestion.
Solely depending on the body’s enzyme production can lead to more problems than we might think. Improper digestion starves our bodies from the nutrients they need to sustain health-so it’s important to eat raw, fresh foods that will help our bodies in this process.
To best ensure that your body is receiving the proteins it needs for digestion, find a enzyme supplement. There are many options. Some enzyme products contain a plethora of enzymes and some have a higher concentration of one specific kind. Regardless, it’s obvious that today’s diet habits are not sufficient for healthy digestion. Now that you see the importance of enzymes, consider your own diet. Does it provide your body with all the nutrients you need to live a healthy life?