The Process of Breathing and Acute Bronchitis

The organ for respiration in humans and other mammals is the lung. The main function…

The organ for respiration in humans and other mammals is the lung. The main function is to take oxygen from the atmosphere and provide it to various parts of the body through the blood stream. There is a respiratory tract through which the air enters the body. The bronchus is a part of this air passage that further branches out and passes air to the lungs. Many such bronchi branch into smaller tubules called the bronchioles. The air finally reaches the alveoli where the conversion of gases takes place. Oxygen enters the blood stream while carbon-di-oxide form the blood leaves the body through the same air passage. This is the entire process of inhalation and exhalation that is collectively known as breathing.
Now, when there is an inflammation in the bronchi, it results into acute bronchitis. This generally occurs in the medium sized bronchus due to the presence of viruses or bacteria. Basically, the cause of such a condition is infection in the respiratory tract and it may be caused by any such micro-organism. However, at times, it has been reported in journals offering medical news that chemicals have also been the responsible for bronchitis as well as other lung diseases and allergies.
The main symptom is coughing, owing to infection. This reaction blocks the large airway and prevents proper respiratory activity. Hence, the immune system responds to the alien agents by causing an inflammation in the region which One Way To Keep Your Mind Healthy Is To consequently results into acute bronchitis. This medical condition may last for a few weeks. The other symptoms that the patient may experience include – phlegm in the chest, wheezing and shortness of breadth due to the swelling.
Healthcare experts often use two main methods for treatment. One method is to prescribe the use of an inhaler while the other is the use of steroid as therapy. Such a therapy is short-termed in nature. Inhalation of substances such as Albuterol helps rid the patient of the inflammation whereas the use of steroids like prednisone helps minimize the condition.
Additionally, antibiotics and antiviral medications may be administered to target the agents that are causing the acute bronchitis in the lungs. One must note here that there is no specific ‘cure’ to an infection Health E Careers Salary caused by a virus because such an infection will sustain until the virus ceases to exist. Hence, for such medical circumstances, treatment becomes the most important aspect of the medical course of action.