The Role Computer Support Plays in Our Lives

It was 1936 when Konrad Zuse first invented the Z1 computer – if we can…

It was 1936 when Konrad Zuse first invented the Z1 computer – if we can call it that. Soon after this, it was the time of the war and computers were mainly used for calculating numbers. In fact, before computers were invented, the word ‘computer’ was used to refer to a person doing calculations. For this reason, it could be said that these machines were not quite fully-fledged computers, as they built them purely to do arithmetic.
Nowadays we have many different programs that we can easily install onto our computers in order to perform many different tasks.
Due to the many different stages in computer development, it’s hard to pin point who exactly pioneered the idea for modern day computers, but it’s plain to see that they have come a long way from the first IBM home computers and the MS-DOS Microsoft operating system of the 1980’s. Just think about the first desktop computers that were available and now look at the laptops many of us carry around in our bags.
These advances in software and machinery have meant that computers have become more affordable and more widely available, which is a wonderful thing. However, it means that the machinery will be in the hands of less experienced or less technically minded Treatment Definition Biology people and therefore, some assistance is needed. This is where computer support comes in. The developers of hardware and software realised that as well as an instruction manual, some technical support would be needed on a more personal level.
Computer support started with experts helping to set up computers by installing software and maintaining and repairing the machinery, but with the invention of the internet and the many things that go with it, the role of computer support technicians has grown.
Today, they can help with anything from setting up a wireless internet network for your home or office, repairing laptops or desktop computers, installing and maintaining software and protecting your computer from viruses. In fact, any aspect of computer ownership can be aided with the help of a computer support technician in this day and age.
Many companies have now been set up purely for computer support as it is a good source of income for many people. The advancement of computers and technology has opened up the possibility for a whole new industry to be built on computer support alone. Even computer support teams have become necessary for the running of most large companies in order to keep their offices running smoothly.
This serves to remind us that although modern day computers are revolutionary and make most aspects of our lives much easier, they also control most aspects of our lives and can wreak havoc if they break down. Just think back to the last time the computers went down in your office. Many calls to computer support are made but when they Prevention Definition Medical are still not functioning after an hour or so, panic ensues, followed by everyone leaving work early. The fact that no work can be done when the office computers aren’t working shows how heavily our world has come to rely on these machines and in turn, how much we rely on computer support to keep them, and our lives, up and running.