The Skinny on Posting Nutritional Information at Restaurants

Ok here’s the deal about the new health care law regarding posting the nutritional content of the food being served on restaurant menus. Thankfully small mom and pop operations will not have 1200 Calorie Meal Plan On A Budget to do this. Only restaurants with 20 or more outlets will have to. The new health care law also requires these restaurants to post information on how much a person should consume in one day.
According to the Agricultural Department you’re a slob if you consume over 2000 calories a day. These signs will be as common as the “wash your hands sign after using the bathroom”, whether you choose to observe these suggestions it’s up to you. But now you will have a new reminder (besides not to be gross) you will have a guilty reminder not to be fat. Now I am not Psychological Therapy saying the message of these two suggestions are unfounded, hell they are very good ideas in fact I would almost call them common sense. Also, they are good for the economy, sign makers should be a little happier. I am a little curious why we are stopping there, now you have to do math (and let’s face it we are terrible at doing math) to see if you being a fat fatty.
If I may add some riders to this law, how about mandatory calculators at the register to tally up your caloric intake of the junk food your about to eat or a series of emoticons that would be printed on your receipt ranging from happy to outright shameful depending on the junk you just bought.