Top Ten Health Tips

With the ever increasing pace of a modern lifestyle, we often forget to pay attention…

With the ever increasing pace of a modern lifestyle, we often forget to pay attention to the needs of our body which normally warns us before shutting down while we are too busy to listen. These health tips are a reality check for those who have relegated a mere secondary importance to their health and now find themselves looking for easy solutions to put their lives back in order. So look no further than these tips which will give you an easy way out of your health related disorders.
1. Have a healthy diet.
A diet rich in calcium, proteins and vitamins will boost your energy, give your body the nourishment and growth impetus as well as fill up the nutritional deficiencies anywhere in your body. Stay away from baked goods made with white flour and instead go for fibre-rich fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. You must never miss your breakfast nor compromise on the dinner.
2. De addict from medicines.
Its true. Continued dependency on medicines for most ailments reduces the ability of our body’s own natural immunity system to react back and fight the disease-causing organisms. Take a chance for once during any flu cum fever attack the next time it occurs by not taking any analgesics or anti-allergics and the next time you will find such fever episodes recurring after much prolonged durations than ever before. However, this does not pertain to surgery cases which must be referred to authorized specialist for expert treatment.
3. Have a sound sleep.
Sound sleep is a must to give your body the necessary jump start for the next day. A minimum of eight hours sleep for adults, 10 Best Health Supplements Brands hours for children and 12 hours or more is required for the infants for whom the normal growth period occurs during sleep hours.
4. Give yourself a stress break.
Stress significantly reduces our performance and is a serious threat to our health. Failure to deal with stress is a common cause of heart attacks and other mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks. The most useful stress coping techniques include self suggestion, turning your anxiety into energy or taking some time off in the shape of a holiday or a small stretch cum stress break.
5. Drink plenty of fluids.
Fluids wash away the harmful acids from abdomen and regulate body’s urinary functions while keeping the kidney in good shape. Drinking plenty of water; specially in the morning; will keep your uric acid in limit besides preventing you from developing respiratory problems including cough and chest congestion. Moreover, drinking upto eight glasses of water a day will keep your skin fresh and make your face radiant.
6. Exercise at least once a day.
You must go for exercise at least once a day to keep yourself fit and strong. This exercise may constitute weight training, a brisk walk on the track or some healthy sport. Overall any exercise is useful which increases the heart beating rate to more than usual and keeps it there for at least a minute.
7. Adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Sit less, move more. Don’t stick to TV all the time and instead read a book or a novel. Take time out for a walk in your garden or in the neighbouring park just to refresh yourself. Give yourself a break and enjoy vacations. Eat vegetables, fruit and white meat instead of junk and processed food. This will add life to your years as well as years to your life.
8. Connect to your loved ones.
People who connect to their loved ones live the longest. Sharing a good time with family and friends besides retaining Current Events In America Public Health close social contacts with them helps you relieve stress and endure through difficult times easily.
9. Quit Smoking.
Smoking remains one of the major causes of heart attack and cancer despite being a major contributor towards aging in both men and women. So, say no to smoking and live a long and healthy life.
10. Keep your brain active.
Play chess, meet online friends, read books, learn to play a musical instrument or explore the world of sport hacking. Keep yourself busy doing anything that stimulates your mind and keep it versatile and active. This will not only prevent you from boredom but will also contribute towards a healthier and productive lifestyle.
These health tips will keep you fit, sturdy and in a good mental and physical shape. Besides, these tips will also directly contribute towards your beauty too since beauty and health is intricately knitted together. Remember, in the end its not the years in life, but the life in those years which really counts.