Travel Clinics – Protection for the World Traveler

Travel Clinics – Protection for the World Traveler

Oh baby, it’s a wild world! It sure is. So many awesome places to visit. The green elf-laden landscape of Scotland, the turquoise waters of exotic white sand beaches, and the temples and pyramids of Mexico and Egypt. There is so much to see, so much to experience. There are so many doors to be opened by living amidst other cultures-even if it’s for a week or two at a time. Although through the advent of the web, travel agents are a thing of the past, travel clinics are in no danger of losing their livelihood. In fact, they are more important than ever considering the state of the world at large.

Travel clinics are necessary for a host of reasons, not the least being their ability to administer sometimes necessary inoculations to world travelers. Allow us to take yellow fever for example. In many countries around the world, it is illegal to enter without a certified travel clinic issuing you a document that states you have received a yellow fever vaccination.

Yellow fever is a life-threatening disease caused by the yellow fever virus. It is passed from person to person primarily by mosquito bites. Thus the danger is omnipresent and a vaccination is your best course of action to stay healthy. Infected persons will suffer from flu-like symptoms, jaundice, fever and a potentially deadly form of liver and kidney failure. The World Health Organization estimates that yellow fever causes over 200,000 illnesses a year and over 30,000 deaths.

It is recommended that anyone over the age of nine months be inoculated for this deadly disease. The only people exempt from this are individuals with compromised immune systems, pregnant women, and individuals allergic to eggs (because the vaccine is grown in them).

Travel clinics can determine what risk you have for catching this disease. They do this through an analysis of many different factors. These include immunization status, location, recreational activities while abroad, and the time of year that you plan on being at your destination of choice.

Many people do not even realize how many nuances there are to be considered when traveling the world. Travel clinics make sure to fill you in on all the laws, facts and figures you will need to make your trip a happy and healthy one.

Travel clinics also can also play an important part in getting you the medicine you will need while abroad. One of their doctors can write you the necessary prescriptions to make sure that you do not run out of any medicines you will need while away.

As stated previously, depending on where in the world you are traveling to there a host of inoculations that are necessary. Doctors at travel clinics can vaccinate you for yellow fever, hepatitis A & B, typhoid, tetanus, polio, meningitis, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, measles, mumps, and rubella.