Two Great Hospitals in Qingdao

A modern city that combines Chinese and German architectural styles, Qingdao ranks very high on…

A modern city that combines Chinese and German architectural styles, Qingdao ranks very high on the list of the most visited places in China. Known for its coastal location and cultural connection, this city is being visited by flocks of Americans every year. While a vacation is generally time for unwinding and letting your hair down, it is good to dig up some information about the hospital facilities in Qingdao, just in case you are confronted with a medical emergency.
One thing you can be assured of is that most of the hospitals in Qingdao are at par with the best in the world. With state backed investment, the infrastructure is extremely up to date. Qingdao hospitals in general employ the best brains in the business and are armed with state of art labs, devices and medical equipment. The doctors and nurses are all available round Children’S Hospital Cincinnati Jobs the clock. They try their best to make tourists feel comfortable. Consultation sessions and tests are all conducted in a manner such that the visitor patient feels compromised in no way. Another significant aspect of Qingdao hospitals is that most doctors understand English and communicate well enough for the needs of the patients to be accurately communicated.
Even though the general level of hospital care in Qingdao is good, there are a few hospitals that really stand out. One of the best hospitals for the tourist is the International Clinic of Qingdao (ICOQ). It is the first international standard healthcare medical facility established by the Qingdao city government. It is geared to the foreign visitor, and started receiving patients in 2003. Thousands of foreign families have made the International Which Food Help Us To Grow Clinic of Qingdao their hospital of choice. The hospital provides a broad array of comprehensive international standard healthcare services. The hospital has a group of multinational physicians, and the entire nursing staff is fluent in English. Besides the great staff, the clinic utilizes high quality imported medical products and advanced equipment. ICOQ strives to maintain a high-level of international quality control.
Another great hospital in Qingdao is the ChengYang People’s Hospital. The facility is located in the Chengyang district, about a forty-minute drive north of downtown Qingdao and only ten minutes away from the Qingdao Liuting Airport. This modern 800 bed facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and has the most advanced operating rooms of their kind in Shandong Province. There are 800 staff members, and more than 60 medical departments. Cheng Yang People’s Hospital also provides advanced stem cell therapy in their Beike Stem Cell treatment facility. This cutting-edge facility recently opened in 2007.