Types of Cancer Treatment

There are many different treatments for cancer. Knowledge about different options and commonly used treatments helps in better management of the procedure that could be recommended by physicians to you or your family. While some treatments are quite specific to one type of cancer, Lifestyle Education there are a few, particularly surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which apply to many different forms of cancer and are frequently employed as a part of any treatment regimen. There are many medical articles that have been published on cancer which are very useful.
Common treatment for cancer
* Cancer surgery: This is a common cancer treatment which can be beneficial either alone or in combination with other treatments. Normally, aim of the surgery is to remove all the cancer cells in the body. Removing cancer from body protects the normal tissues and organs in the body from getting damaged. This surgery is generally recommended when it is felt that removal of part or all of tumor is technically possible and safe and can impact course of the disease by helping to control cancer.
* Chemotherapy: This is the treatment of cancer by drugs which kill or slow growth of cancer cells. Chemotherapeutic medications are specific drugs which have toxic effects on cells. They try to exploit the unique characteristics of cancer cells to do most damage to these diseased cells while leaving normal and healthy cells alone. While there are many different types of chemotherapeutic drugs with many different mechanisms of action, most commonly these drugs are active against cells that grow and divide rapidly. As cancer cells typically grow faster than normal cells in body, they are particularly susceptible to effects of these drugs.
* Radiation treatment: This treatment, along with surgery and chemotherapy is one of the most common treatments for cancer. Radiation is a general term for rays of energy, either in the form of electromagnetic waves or subatomic particles. In radiation treatments for cancer, high energy radiation rays are used to cause injury to diseased tissue, i.e. cancer cells.
Radiation treatments are not used in all types of cancers but can be a useful part of treatment along with other treatments. Boston Medical Center Pharmacy Some cancers and tumors are very sensitive to the effects of radiation while others are relatively resistant to its effects.
Each type of cancer is different and all patients are not same. Appropriate treatment for any individual should be discussed with a physician. It’s always better to take cancer advice from a cancer specialist.

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