Using Self Diagnosis In The Internet Age

Self diagnosis has its pros & cons as per recent study. It seems that a…

Self diagnosis has its pros & cons as per recent study. It seems that a doctor’s job gets that much easier when the patient is aware of his health concerns prior to consultation, for example common cold or body pain however not all self-diagnosis are encouraged, for example ADHD. Is it fair to have these conflicting attitudes?
With the advent of technology and easy access to the Internet, 8 out of 10 people look for health information online. Searching for Health information is the 3rd most popular search, 2nd being email and using a search engine although US still has about one-quarter of adults who do not go online. My individual point of view is the society that we live in expects us to take ownership of our own health problems and concerns and to allow for this to happen we need to be aware of the risks we all face.
Any health issue starts with symptoms and it is important to know the meaning of the symptom experienced and what subsequent treatments are accessible. With so much information available, it is necessary to ensure that we are directed towards genuine and quality information that does not have any commercial or political influence. Self diagnosis has been considered and practiced time and again in the form of a casual talk with a parent or a best friend or to even check if a home diagnostic testing kit is advisable.
Doctors also understand that in general people are getting more conscious of their self and surroundings and with the development and easy access to the Major Medical Insurance Definition internet and so many options available, in case of a health concern, running to the health provider is not the first step towards getting better.
No doubt that medical professionals have the skills and expertise in medicine, diagnosis and treatment and that aspect can never be undermined or judged, yet currently UK is also shifting its method and approach to encourage telephone meetings and further suggestion of the appropriate treatment by prescribing the medicine over the phone and so frequenting your health care provider may not be a common practice in the near future.
The face of medicine is certainly changing and changing the attitude towards it is very necessary. Accepting that people want to be hands-on and are expressing their desire to be educated, their effort Medical Treatment App should be acknowledged and respected. Today home pregnancy kits are most commonly used to determine pregnancy, however medical professionals in the past did not give enough credibility to it then.
Once again, today an annual general check-up to keep one’s blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes in check is highly recommended and many private diagnostic centers are offering memberships, incentives and discounts on certain yearly packages, but 10 years ago when I suggested testing everyone’s cholesterol, the medical professionals had an outburst and considered it a poor practice! With the research and development of medical treatments many diagnostic home testing kits now have high accuracy results when used as instructed.
The rationale behind it is that there are also political gains involved as well as some sectors values are so traditionally driven that they are not open to this change. We cannot deny the fact that have access to over the counter medication has increased the demand for it, resulting many a times in wrong treatment or therapy so the best way to have a win-win situation is to work together, for example you test yourself at home for a urinary tract infection, then get in touch with your doctor so he can send the sample off if needed for laboratory examination and then advising of correct drug usage.