Vaccine Dangers: Discover the Truth That’s Being Hidden

Vaccine Dangers: Discover the Truth That’s Being Hidden

Vaccine dangers have been featured prominently in news stories for the past few years. Unfortunately, the mainstream media wants to make anyone who doesn’t agree with vaccinations out to be a nut job.

However, there is compelling evidence that the dangers of vaccinations are very real indeed. No one wants themselves or their children to contract potentially deadly diseases, but many people aren’t aware that they may actually be more susceptible to a whole host of illnesses – and we have supposedly “life-saving” vaccines to thank for this fact.

Nature’s Defense

It’s so amazing to me that the medical and pharmaceutical industries spend billions of dollars on immunization research, when nature has equipped our bodies with amazingly powerful, internal disease fighting mechanisms. Of course, the way that most of society eats and takes care of their inborn immune systems is part of the reason that so many people are so sick with so many different illnesses.

If you want to see an amazing system that destroys diseases, look no further than the miraculous human immune system. When your immune system is operating at full capacity, there is virtually no illness that can penetrate it.

It all starts with the mucous membranes in our bodies. You’ll find these membranes in our eyes, sinuses, throats and other regions that are susceptible to foreign invaders. Working in conjunction with the protective flora in our intestines, and the ultimate disease killers – our white blood cells – the human body is remarkably equipped to zap any type of sickness. Now, this circles around again, as we often don’t feed and care for our bodies as we should, which undermines our defensive internal systems.

Do We Need Immunizations?

Getting away from the remarkable immune system of the human body, and back to the very real vaccine dangers, one might ask whether or not we really need to be inoculated against menacing diseases… In my view, and according to hard science from some very knowledgeable experts, no we don’t.

A return to a holistic lifestyle, centered around eating whole, organic, raw foods and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, would do a heck of a lot more for keeping people virtually disease free. And don’t forget, vaccines can also seriously impair your body’s immune system, so avoiding them will go a long way in helping you to enjoy a higher level of health and vitality.

Considering the potential vaccine dangers, like: increased chances for autism, seriously compromised immune systems, and a whole host of other illnesses, it’s imperative that we switch gears and get back to the nature-design and approved method of fighting of illnesses.

Now, if you take up this stance with me, be prepared to have people label you as a “Kook” or “Crazy Person.” But at least we can take solace in the fact that we are not exposing ourselves, or our families to the very real dangers that are part and parcel of today’s vaccines.