As we get older there are physical changes taking place which conspire to make us not only look older but think and feel older as well. The list is long but right at the top of that list is the loss of muscle tissue that is occurring if you are not doing anything to stop it at the rate of one half pound per year up to age 50 then this rate doubles.
This loss of muscle tissue does a lot more damage than just cause the human body to shrivel and weaken; it lowers the efficiency of the metabolism (the body’s engine). This means we burn less fuel (calories) so it is more likely stored as excess body fat. This fat can not only be stored so it spills over our belt it can also be stored deep and largely unseen in the abdomen surrounding vital organs hindering their function.
These three factors – muscle tissue loss, an increase in body fat and the resulting drop in the metabolism not only hasten the aging process they send a person into a downward spiral of declining health exposing them to killer diseases.
If you do not take steps to address these things you risk losing your health as you get older. You also risk losing your independence Medical Center Names – and thus your dignity and all other possessions that you have accumulated over the years will be rendered irrelevant.
Many people are becoming aware that they can turn back, or at least slow down the clock – to feel young and function youthfully regardless of actual age. Building and maintaining strong muscles is one of the most effective ways to do so. And the formula for strong muscles could not be simpler: strength training exercise for life.
We all need to be putting forth some serious effort into a strength training program at least twice per week to hold off losing that one half pound of muscle tissue each year. Without this effort your results will be minimal. You may not like the idea of this but isn’t a better option than accelerated aging and the risk of premature death?
People who use proper exercise as a tool are feeling younger and living longer. Tapping into this ‘fountain of youth’ of exercise and good nutrition is your lifeline to not only continuing an active vibrant lifestyle as well as preventing many age related diseases.
As little as six months of regular strength training will turn back the molecular clocks of the human body rejuvenating tired aging muscles to the extent they are almost as powerful as those found in someone much younger.
No matter how many candles on your birthday cake, 40, 60, 80 or more you can gain strength and rebuild lost muscle tissue just as fast as a 21 year old. Your muscles do not actually know how old they are but they do know when they are not being challenged to stay strong.
It is all up to you to take action. Enlist the help of a fitness professional Hospital And Health to help you get started on your exercise program and reclaim your youth.