What Are Some Possible Shih Tzu Health Problems?

Just like any animal, unfortunately these dogs have got their own list of hereditary and…

Just like any animal, unfortunately these dogs have got their own list of hereditary and unique health conditions that as a new owner you need to be aware of. If you are jumping into the great world of Shih Tzu’s then there is no need to be scared about possible health problems, this article is rather more about making you aware of what can go wrong so you can take your dog to the vet! The Shih Tzu has a unique skull that is very short and broad, this particular trait in an animal skull is known as being “Brachycephalic”. Whilst this gives the Shih Tzu a very cute little head and face it also makes them a bit more sensitive to hotter temperatures and unfortunately also leaves them prone to a couple of different respiratory conditions.
Before we go into our list of some Shih Tzu health problems I just want to note that if you suspect your dog is in anyway injured or sick it is super important to take them to the vet. Too many pet owners these days rely on the internet for answers without even having their dog examined by a vet! Don’t risk your pet’s health, see a proper vet!
Heat stroke and heating up
As mentioned previously, because of their little brachycephalic skulls your Shih Tzu may not be able to get enough air! This is because the passageway in their nose won’t let enough air through due to their skull shape. The extent of this varies from dog to dog but if you keep your Shih Tzu outside or if you are going for a run in warmer temperatures you should keep an eye on their breathing just in case.
Stenotic Health Philosophy Nares
No I didn’t just sneeze, a stenotic nare refers to the narrowing of nasal passageways. This genetic health issue is what makes it difficult for some Shih Tzu’s to run in the heat and breath in general. In some Body Care Face Pack cases the stenotic nare is so bad that surgery is required to open the nostrils! If your dog can’t breathe properly it puts a lot more stress on their lungs and heart and really isn’t good for their health.
Soft Palate Problems
Most people don’t know that a Shih Tzu can actually be prone to a cleft palate or even an elongated soft palate. This actually happens whilst in the embryonic state where the tissue in the nose that separates the nasal passage from the throat and oral areas is not properly fused together. In general this isn’t considered a large health issue however in some cases surgery is required to resolve any respiratory issues.
I really hope that this small list of possible Shih Tzu health issues hasn’t given you second thoughts about dog ownership. The truth is that every animal (including humans) is susceptible to some health issues but this doesn’t mean we should stick our heads in the sand! It is better to know what may be coming then to go into the situation dark!