Which Apple Watch and strap is right for you?

The back of the Apple Watch needs to be in contact with your skin to…

The back of the Apple Watch needs to be in contact with your skin to perform functions such as wrist detection, tactile notifications, and the heart rate sensor. Using the Apple Watch properly adjusted (not too tight or too loose, and enough room for your skin to breathe) will make you comfortable and allow the sensors to work properly. You can tighten the apple watch rubber band a little bit for workouts and then loosen it again when you’re done. Also, keep in mind that the sensors work only when you wear the Apple Watch on your upper wrist.

But then how do you choose the perfect strap for you? First, consider your lifestyle, this will largely determine the material of the strap, its design, and what you expect from it. Another thing you should take into consideration is your budget because although the Apple Watch is not what one would call cheap, its accessories are not either and this includes the straps. You can purchase any straps separately to give you an alternative option to the apple watch rubber band included with the Apple Watch model you choose, or you can use the Apple Watch Studio creator to build your ideal Apple Watch but this one could get expensive.

Yes on the official site you can find different options for a variety of styles that will surely meet your needs, however, if what you are looking to do is create a strap collection or choose one taking into account the price/quality ratio, you should take a look at the products offered by external suppliers, among them you can find beautiful and innovative designs.

For those with a Series 1, 2, or 3 Apple Watch, you will notice that the sizes are now 40mm and 44mm instead of 38mm and 42mm. When choosing a strap, choose the 40 mm size for the 38 mm model and the 44 mm size for the 42 mm model.

When you are looking for a formal but casual the best option is usually the leather straps you can find them in different colors and textures, some are closed with the classic metal buckle while others are closed with magnets. Its cost varies depending on the type of leather used in its manufacture, the method of manufacture, and the brand.

You must consider that the magnets can cause interference with some medical equipment. Please consult the supplier for more information.

An apple watch rubber band is usually made of fluoroelastomer and is fastened with a pin and a folding closure. Some have compression-molded perforations for increased breathability. They can be found in multiple colors and 40mm and 44mm size options.

On the other hand within the metal bracelets, one of the most common is the Milanese which is made of a smooth stainless steel mesh that is wrapped around your wrist and fastened magnetically. And the link bracelet is made of the same 316L stainless steel as the Apple Watch case and has over 100 components, fastened with a butterfly clasp.