Why Aerobics Are More Effective in the Water

No matter what type of aerobics exercises you’re used to doing, when you first started…

No matter what type of aerobics exercises you’re used to doing, when you first started doing them they were likely very difficult. You were winded, you felt thirsty and your entire body cried out for mercy. Soon, however, your body got used to the aerobics exercises and it’s that this point that most people plateau. So they try ankle weights and wrist weights to add resistance to their aerobics exercises. The problem with these types of weight is that they’re hard on your joints and you can get injured very easily. There is a way, however, that you can add resistance without using weights. You can do your aerobics exercises in the water and when you do you’ll see just how effective water aerobics can be.
To demonstrate how water aerobics works, imagine standing in the middle of the shallow end of a swimming pool. Stretch both hands out to your sides so that your body forms a sort of cross. With your thumbs points upwards and your fingers 100 Senses Coupon Code together so that no water gets through, push your hands together underwater. The resistance really works your muscles and if you do this exercise enough times, you’ll soon break into a sweat and that’s when you know it’s working.
Now try the same exercise out of water. Stretch your arms to your sides and bring them together in front of you like a wide clapping motion. See how easy that is? That’s not even half the effort it takes to do the same motion underwater. That’s why aerobics are more effective in water.
You don’t need to own a swimming pool to do underwater aerobics. You can do underwater aerobics at your local Y or your local fitness club. Many fitness clubs hold water aerobics classes as part of their curriculum. These classes not only use the hands and feet to create resistance, but they also use Styrofoam boards and other objects to create even more resistance for an even greater workout.
There are so many exercises you can do underwater. As long as you use the resistance of the water, and continue to move, you’ll feel yourself working in a matter of seconds. Working out underwater is so much better than a regular aerobics exercise because you are essentially getting a weight and an aerobics workout in one session. That means you’re going to get stronger and leaner at the same time, which is what most people are going for when they work out.
Water aerobics can also be done by the elderly who may have trouble with regular aerobics exercises. The resistance allows them to get a nice workout, while the water helps to balance them. This means anyone of any age can do water aerobics.
So if you’ve been doing aerobics and you just can’t seem to get past that plateau, try underwater aerobics. Don’t try ankle weights or any other type of weights that can make you prone Pharmacist Meaning to injury. Once you see how sore you are the next day, and how there’s always resistance, no matter how much you do it, you’ll then see how aerobics are more effective in the water.