Why Organic Doesn’t Cost More – 2 of 2

Last time we talked about the increasing demand for organic produce and tackling the front-end costs that can sometimes come with Medicinal Treatment that healthier choice.A� We learned that there are many ways to shop affordably and still enjoy a bountiful feast on a budget.

Now, let’s take a look at where we are really spending our money – the hidden costs:

Organic produce is much higher in nutrient content than conventionally farmed foods – sometimes as much as 80% higher! When our body is truly nourished, we feel full longer, curb our cravings and eat less. This saves money on snacks, impulse buying and fast food runs in between meals. When we are not nourished, our brain tells us to eat more. We think this is because we are hungry, when in reality, it is because we are malnourished. This causes us to spend more and eating more of what doesn’t serve us.

Eating healthy organic foods builds your immune system and strengthens all your systems and organs. This means less time being sick. Downtime from work, caring for family and simply enjoying life certainly carries a price tag. Not to mention the amount of money spent on drugs and Allure Beautycounter prescriptions annually in this country due to preventable ailments induced by malnutrition. Americans spend on average 5 billion a year on digestive aids, headache remedies, cold and flu products and the list goes on. And these are just the over-the-counter drugs and products.

When you’re feeling great and avoiding illness, then you are avoiding chronic illness, too. Chronic illness is epidemic in our country now and growing at rates the health care industry and insurers cannot keep up with. Obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, arthritis, neurologic disorders and many other conditions have become common place in our society and it is primarily due to our diet. Eating foods with pesticides and chemicals cause these maladies as much as the nutrient poor soil they are grown in. We are not only deprived of nutrients, but we are building up a reserve of toxins in our body that it eventually can no longer withstand. This costs lots of money! Prescriptions, doctor visits, and even hospitalizations are coupled with our health care premiums rising annually. One client of mine said he couldn’t afford to buy organic products because his blood pressure medications were $185.00 month. Once he figured out the disconnect and starting investing in nourishing himself, he was able to come off of his medication completely!

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather invest my money toward good health now, live with energy and vitality, and save in health care expenses down the road. Who wants to look forward to poor health and health care bills? No one I know. Still think you can’t afford to eat healthy organic foods? In my mind, I can’t afford not to!