Would the Election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts Really Promote Freedom?

Many of the Republican talking heads like Sean Hannity are giddy with enthusiasm over the prospect of a Scott Brown (R) victory over Martha Coakley (D) in Massachusetts giving the Republicans the vaunted 41st vote in the Senate.
Though not a republican, I certainly can understand the excitement about this potential victory. There is something good in my view that could come out of it-gridlock. And Lord knows we need it. With the 41st vote in the Senate, it could certainly slow down the socialist express running through our country and our Constitution.
Just playing devil’s advocate, what if the election of Brown was not a vote against Obamacare? Impossible? Maybe. But a closer look at Mr. Brown’s voting record while in the Massachusetts legislature is required on two important issues.
Scott Brown did vote for and actively support Mitt Romney’s health care plan in the state, which is busting open the state budget. Mr. Brown said that the Massachusetts plan and Obama’s plan are two different plans. I say sure, they are different plans; however they differ in only degree and principle. People need to understand that Mr. Brown is just another big government politician but with an R after his name.
Also Mr. Brown also voted for Massachusetts version of “cap and trade” known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).
From his own press release Mr. Brown states, “The RGGI agreement establishes a carbon dioxide “cap and trade” program to reduce emissions. This model sets a limit on total emissions from certain power plants and requires those plants to hold “allowances” to cover their emissions. ” Allowances give the right to release one ton of carbon dioxide and allowed emissions will be divided into permits and assigned by each state to the power plants. Plants without enough allowances to cover emissions can reduce their greenhouse gases, or buy allowances from other plants that have reduced their emissions and have excess allowances. All sales will be completed through a regional market auction and proceeds will be deposited into the RGGI Auction Trust Fund”.
However on both these expensive, intrusive national programs Mr. Brown is now against them. Granted, Ms. Coakley is no better but unfortunately what we are left with is the lesser of two evils? Differences in philosophy and policy are only by degree and that’s a shame.
What could be the best action for true liberty? Well let’s look at one Nutrition And Exercise of the last bastions of liberty in our country, the state of Texas.
There is a movement there that if the massive health care program does pass that Texas and other states legislatures may vote for nullification of any federal law coming out of Washington.
Nullification is a doctrine upholding the right of a U.S. state to declare null and void an act of the federal government. It’s been used throughout out nation’s early history, for example in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions.
For states like Texas where there is a strong movement towards the founder’s vision of states rights, I wouldn’t be totally surprised that nullification could be instituted.
How would this affect you and me? Well, if you live in a state where the giant program coming out of Washington Definition Of Medical Treatment Uk dictates your health care, guess what you could do? Move to a state where it’s not applicable.
The ability to vote with your feet has always been one of the great things about states rights. If you disagree with the laws and regulations of your state, you can always move to a state where liberty and freedom may be more abundant. I believe this would be a bigger step towards liberty than the 41st vote. But like I said I totally understand people’s enthusiasm toward the possible election of Brown.
Back to the topic of Scott Brown; based on what I see and read, he is just another neocon who likes military intervention and doesn’t really mind big government programs and spending based on his website and his voting record in Massachusetts.
If the neocons do get in power again, it’ll be just like before. The only difference is how they’ll destroy your liberty; instead of Obamacare we get Medicare Prescription Drugs, instead of Obama’s and the lefts intrusion on our liberties, we get the Patriot Act.
True conservatives and independents need to seek out candidates that care about the Constitution, or we will merely rotate power between leftists and neocons.
Just a difference in degree.