A Gentleman and His Health – He Knows What To Do

A Christian gentleman understands that his body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, as well as the temple of his human spirit. He knows how to possess his body in health. He understands that he must have good quality food, water, air and rest to achieve and maintain good health. He takes his instructions in these areas from the Bible. He also understands that his home must be kept free from toxins, as well.
A Gentleman’s Diet
If he does not know about nutrition, he learns. He always buys the best organic Foods That Make You Physically Stronger foods that he can find. He does not feed foods that do not satisfy to his body.
He understands that refined sugar, processed oils, processed flour and processed diary are not his best choices for food and he avoids them, because they can be detrimental to his health. He eats these types of food in their natural and whole state.
He understands how important high fiber source foods are to his health, such as, whole grains, beans and some fruits. He eats at least 35 grams of fiber daily.
He chooses grass-fed or range meat and avoids meats from animals that have been shot up with antibiotics and hormones. When he dines out he chooses restaurants that offer these types of food choices.
A gentleman understands that organic fruits and vegetables are important to his health and he eats plenty of them raw. He gets a couple of tablespoons of good dietary fat daily from an organic vegetable oil, such as, olive oil, or from cold water fish oil.
He understands that probotics (good bacteria) are essential to health and they are a regular part of his daily diet. When he buys yogurt, he buys plain organic yogurt without added sugar.
A Gentleman and Exercise
A gentleman understands that physical exercise does profit his body, and he takes a moderate amount several times per week. He does both weight training and cardio.
Weight training should consist of upper body and lower body workouts, exercising both large muscle groups and small muscle groups, resting each group three or four days before exercising the same muscle group again.
His cardio should consist of at least twenty minutes of intense exercise, such as, jogging, cycling, running stairs, etc. three times per week, understanding the less intense the exercise, the longer time He must exercise to achieve the same results.
When a gentleman follows this proven knowledge, he is on the path to good health, Healthy Habits Chart long life and peace of mind, of which other will notice and admire.