Anal Fistula – Possible Complications

An anal fistula is a connection between the internal organs or the body and the…

An anal fistula is a connection between the internal organs or the body and the anal channel. This is an abnormality. Basically, a fistula is not lethal or dangerous but can be very painful and hence, needs to be treated. Here, the inner epithelium or lining Why The Fda Should Not Regulate Supplements of the anus forms a passage with the skin near the rectum. This blockage or obstruction can be caused due to an abscission, infection, and collection of pus or other such anomalies. In medical terms, the condition is referred to as fistula-in-ano.
Symptoms often include pain and discomfort while passing stools. When an abscess is formed, there can be an accumulation of pus in the anal canal which may or may not drain out. If the opening towards the outside is hindered then the pus may perhaps accumulate and cause further infection. For such reasons, it becomes inevitable to get an anal fistula operated upon immediately. Most often, since they do not heal on their own, a surgical procedure is required.
The surgery to treat a fistula is performed under general anesthesia and takes not more than 30 minutes; unless there is a complication. The most critical risk involved is the elasticity of the sphincter muscles in the anus. The sphincter muscles are the tissues that help in contractions and relaxation around the anus so that bowel movement is possible. If these muscles are affected, then bowel incontinence may be experienced. In such a condition, the patient may not be able to control the movement of bowel. Following this, a series of specific surgeries may be required for proper functioning. When the fistula is present below the sphincter tissues, the doctor will create an incision on the skin. The lesion will be left open to allow natural healing. Contrary to this, when the abnormality is not restricted to one area and if a branching of passages are seen above the sphincter muscles; then the region is stitched by the Seton stitch by which the infected fluid or pus will deplete out effortlessly.
Following the surgery, recurrence of the anal fistula is possible. Slight bleeding, pain and uneasiness may continue to be experienced shortly after the procedure; until complete recovery which may take a few weeks. Soon after the schedule, a normal diet and activities Bath Body Products can be carried out. One time, absolute solutions, are not known as there is not specific cause for such a condition. Living a healthy and staying abreast with top medical news and health facts will definitely assist a healthful – free from disease – life.