Anxiety and Headaches – What’s the Connection?

A good friend of the family recently quit a seemingly successful corporate job. The pay…

A good friend of the family recently quit a seemingly successful corporate job. The pay was excellent, as were the benefits. She joined with lot of dreams and excitement. But as time passed by she came out of the job.
I did not basically care about the issue. Once we met an evening for dinner and one of my other friends asked why she had left the job. My friend said that she left it because of continuous headaches.
Her headaches seemed to come from ‘out of the blue,’ but had no signs of leaving. She visited her doctor who told her it could be neck or eye strain from staring at her computer all day and sitting in the wrong position.
She had a bizarre feeling as she sat in a place in which she did not spend much time on the computer.
She felt these headaches more often and she did not even find time in which she was free from the pain. Her headaches Doctor Treatment List just moved away as she got home from work. But it started to show the effects when she was back to work.
The only thing that seemed to work was to eventually quit her job. My less than tactful friend pointed out that she must be suffering from, ‘Work-itis.” She didn’t find this humorous. In fact, the entire situation left her humiliated.
After speaking to her privately, it became obvious to me that she was suffering from symptoms of an anxiety disorder, at least while at work. We both felt it was important to understand why. She was not previously known to have suffered chronic headaches.
She always made others to speak for her work rather than doing it herself. She told that the problem was her nervousness and she did not want to talk in front of the senior officers.
She would feel it very difficult to talk and to find the right words to talk. She would have a vomiting sensation and a breathing trouble. Muscles round her neck, hands and head would turn so tough that she would not be able to move them with ease
She felt sleeplessness because of the fear that she had on how to present and talk before her seniors. Her chronic headaches were also due to sleeplessness.
Only on Friday evenings did she seem to find relief; only until Sunday evenings, of course, and then the cycle would begin again. All of this worries over speaking in front of a crowd of people? She just couldn’t fathom it.
Anxiety disorder is the term used to mask several mentally related issues. Strange fears and depression are the common issues. Talking in front of a crowd is the main reason as of my friend.
Phobias can be of types like fears of closed areas, that of larger crowds and water, heights.
Still others experience obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). This disorder is characterized by repeated thoughts or bad feelings and repetitive behaviors in an attempt to keep these thoughts at bay.
Headaches were the key reason that made her feel anxiety disorder than the other issues.
Depression leads to Stress and it in turn leads to muscle stiffness and finally to severe headaches.
Additionally, her lack of sleep worrying about the day to come also contributed to her headaches.
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