Using Food As Medicine (11) Cabbage

Another versatile vegetable that is consumed the world over by millions of people. You can…

Another versatile vegetable that is consumed the world over by millions of people. You can get variety in your regular diet with cabbage whether you are a master chef, or someone with minimal cooking expertise.
– vitamin and Keep Your Body Healthy Quotes mineral rich
– great for detox diets
– lowers risks of Quest Healthcare Jobs some cancers
– blood purifier
The varieties that I come across most are the common green cabbage, the red which has more vitamins, and the Chinese or Bok Choy. One of the attributes of cabbage that appeal to me most, is the mild flavor. It does not dominate the taste buds like garlic or onion can, and blends in with many recipes. This will help those who are making the transition from unhealthy diets that don’t include a lot of vegetable dishes. You can slowly include smaller amounts and gradually build up your intake. Once you are at that point, you can try to make more of your cabbage intake in it’s raw state. Your body will thank you for this. You will come across traditional dishes where cabbage has added flavoring, or has been pickled.
Some research suggests that this and other ways of preparation can negate the health benefits that cabbage normally delivers. It sounds a bit like the potato, (think of fries) and the way that millions of people in the Western world can neutralize or even make harmful, something that is best left unaltered. I have used cabbage in noodle dishes, or served raw and cold on rye sandwich bread. It is one of the quickest and easiest foods to prepare, so there is no excuse to not include cabbage in your daily health maintenance diet or for weight loss plans. It has been said that if you had to live on just a handful of foods, you would have to include cabbage. As mentioned previously with many of these essential foods, consumption of them in their raw or uncooked state multiplies their effect. You could also use your blender to prepare cabbage as a juice. Read up on foods like cabbage, as this will be a real eye-opener for many, and always seek the advice of a health professional if you are changing your diet.
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