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Are you one to those people that is talking to yourself?
Not to worry, we all do…
We all have these voices either trying to encourage us or let us down.
Listen to yourself for a while and find out how you talk to yourself. Are 5 Foods You Should Eat Daily you saying I do, you do or we do when you are talking to yourself?
How many voices are you actually listening to?
The inner winner
You have probably realized that there is a voice trying to encourage you to do certain things in life. It is usually a very soft voice that comes like a hunch giving you insights to new ideas that would be good to act on.
This voice comes from your heart, is giving you a good feeling and it is there to support you.
The inner whiner
You also have another voice trying to talk you out of every good thing you like to do. Sometimes this voice sounds like a good friend trying to protect you.
If you listen to this voice and take the advice to do things later or not at all, the same voice will turn against you and accuse you for being lazy or stupid.
This voice comes from your mind or head.
The inner whiner loves the word, BUT.
* But, I am just a kid,
* But, I am too busy,
* But, I am not pretty enough…
Turn the volume down
Who has the biggest voice? Of cause it is the inner whiner. The inner whiner can be very loud and also very hard to control. Try the following:
Simply try to imagine that you have a volume control where you can turn the sound down.
Try to change the nagging voice to sound funny like Mickey Mouse. This will make you laugh and not taking the voice seriously.
Have some quite time
The best way to get in contact with your true voice, the inner winner is to spend some quite time with yourself preferably in the nature. Pick a beautiful quite spot and just listen to your inner feelings and hunches.
This will guide you do what you need to change in your life to get better health, happiness and healing for yourself and your family.