Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

If you are a senior citizen and do not have health insurance, the thought of…

If you are a senior citizen and do not have health insurance, the thought of having to go to an emergency room in case of illness may be troubling you. You should have planned for your retirement but if you did not include the details of having Health Insurance after you retire, you are at the mercy of the ER and without Personal Care Brands In India coverage you may even have to forego treatment. For many people in the US, health care costs often result in bankruptcy even when they have insurance because not all illnesses are covered by the policy. When it can happen to the people who have insurance, it can be a nightmare for those who do not have it.
In recent months, the issue of health insurance for senior citizens has received extraordinary coverage and attention in the US because of President Obama’s plan to have universal health care available to all citizens. This measure from the Obama administration has drawn critics and supporters alike and the battle lines are drawn Fda Approved Supplements Bodybuilding in an increasingly bitter battle. The issue at stake is whether there should be a public option that would enable the senior citizens access to health care provided for by the government. The public option does not guarantee free coverage but includes an option for the employers and the government to provide for an eventuality.
Senior citizens need healthcare and they need it more than the other age groups as they need access to quality medical assistance because of their advancing age that makes them vulnerable to disease and disability. It is for this reason that medical care in many countries is free for senior citizens and they have access to the best medical facilities. Likewise, the US should also have a health care system that provides for its senior citizens and ensures that they get proper treatment for their various ailments.
In the context of the baby boomers retiring in large numbers and without the proper tools for some of them to plan adequately for their retirement and health care, there should be a comprehensive plan for access to medical coverage by the insurance companies as well as the government. There are several insurance companies that have special plans for senior citizens as they allow for the coverage with all facilities provided for them. However, there are other companies that do not encourage coverage for senior citizens on the grounds that they are a high risk category and hence the premiums do not justify coverage. There are some commentators who call for an old age premium to be placed on the coverage plan so that senior citizens can get coverage at the rates provided by the insurers, albeit with a premium.
The point that is being made here is that senior citizens better plan for their retirement when they are in their forties and fifties so that they do not become a burden on their children and that they retain coverage beyond retirement and after they are well into their sixties.