Are You Utilizing This Critical Part Of Cancer Treatment?

As little as a decade ago, heart attack patients were commonly told to avoid exercise…

As little as a decade ago, heart attack patients were commonly told to avoid exercise for fear of triggering a second attack from the exertion. Things are reversed now and it is common knowledge that proper exercise is an unparalleled way to strengthen the heart after a heart attack as well as lessen risk of further problems. Regular exercise is recommended to heart patients these days as a routine part of their treatment.
For people having cancer treatment this development is still in the beginning stages and many patients are advised to not exercise during and How To Lose 2 Pounds A Week Meal Plan after their treatment for cancer. But increasing amounts of evidence is proving that this outdated advice is causing these people harm.
They are missing out of a number of health improvements that exercise provides that can benefit and support both the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients. By toning up the body’s muscular system it builds up a reserve of extra protein and the amino acid glutamine which is the necessary fuel source by the many cells of the immune system.
Having extra protein available when you get sick allows your body to draw on it to produce new antibodies and white blood cells you need to fight infections or attack and destroy cancer cells. If you let your muscles shrink – and they will without proper strengthening exercise to maintain them, then you are losing the ability to create the very cells you need to fight off illness.
We know that cancer thrives on sugar, and it is the muscle cells that uptake and use sugar from the blood for energy. When your muscles are strong and toned they harmlessly burn up sugar reducing the hormone insulin and creating a low sugar environment that will discourage the growth and spread of cancerous cells.
One of the most important and powerful steps you can take to help reduce cancer risk or keep it from returning is controlling your blood sugar and insulin levels and the health and condition of your muscles are key to do this.
A proper strength training program is perfect at any stage of cancer treatment or recovery. Just a couple of sessions each week are needed and are not Wellness Tips For The Workplace exhausting if energy is low. The body parts can be worked separately so large energy demands are not being made further draining precious resources.
Proper exercise that directly works the muscles offers many other advantages for a cancer sufferer. It will fight the energy drain caused by the cancer treatment, boosts mood, calms anxiety and helps dissipate the fear associated with this cruel disease. It helps people feel better about themselves and their bodies which is a very positive thing considering the circumstances.
Soon exercise will be prescribed regularly for cancer treatment and it’s after care. It does make good sense – to allow people to recover faster, have a higher quality of life, and avoid other serious health issues as well as simply feeling better.