Sleep – 5 Ways to Help Special Children When They Can’t

Special needs children sometimes have a variety of issues that are the root of them…

Special needs children sometimes have a variety of issues that are the root of them having difficulty falling asleep. Many of these children have a hard time trying to communicate.
Often times they may not be capable of get across that they are hungry, Premier Health Doctors they may need to go to the bathroom or they may just be uncomfortable.
Special children may have difficulty trying to rest because of nervousness or fear. Habits or rituals may have to be performed prior Premier Health Human Resources Phone Number to the child attempting to fall asleep and that may be the only way they can calm down enough to allow themselves to rest.
Here are some techniques that may assist in helping your special needs child fall asleep:
1. Special children will be stressed out for several reasons at bedtime. Think of them as you would of yourself. They need to be physically comfortable by making sure they use the bathroom and are wearing clean and comfortable unrestrictive clothing. Make sure the bed is comfortable too. The bed linens should be clean and smell fresh.
2. Sometimes simply reading a bedtime story can calm your child. Always tell happy stories, don’t read anything that may scare them.
3. Talk about a variety of things that happened during the day. Some special children may find this difficult, but be patient and simply be calm and reassuring.
4. Play some music. You’ll be surprised how much music can help calm a child. Try a variety of tunes to see which your child likes the best.
5. Keep a light lit at night. Sometimes children are afraid of the “bogey man”. By keeping your family pet in your child’s bedroom can be a big help. You need to make your child realize that if there would be a “bogey man” in the room, your pet would sense it.
6. Be available for your child before he or she goes to bed. Lay down next to him or her before going to sleep yourself.