Be SMART About Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s another new year and with it comes the desire to make New Year’s resolutions…

It’s another new year and with it comes the desire to make New Year’s resolutions to change our life for the better. But surveys show three quarters of these resolutions fail after just nine days.
Make sure this year you stick to you plans and change your life for the better. The way to do this is to set SMART goals. Here’s how:
Specific: The more specific you are about your goal, the better. Don’t say ‘I want to lose weight’, say ‘I want to lose half a stone’. Or ‘I want to lose two inches off my waist’. Or on the flipside, if you’re trying to build muscle, say ‘I want to increase my bicep size by two inches’. Another goal could be to be able to run a 5k in eight weeks’ time.
Measurable: There must be a way of measuring whether your goal has been achieved. The above goals are all measurable, in inches, pounds or stamina. Make sure it’s easy to determine whether you’ve reached your target.
Achievable: You have to work out whether it’s possible to reach your goal in the time set. So saying you want to lose a stone in a week would not Types Of Food Supplement be achievable. Don’t expect too much, too soon or you’ll be disappointed and end up giving up, just as your goals begin to be within your sights.
Realistic: Does this goal fit in with your lifestyle and your values? You may think you’d like the body of a fitness model, but are you prepared to give up nights out drinking with your friends or going out for nice dinners? To achieve the look you desire you would have to be extremely focused and this type of approach isn’t for everyone. With most of my clients I believe in finding a happy medium – I get them in the best shape possible, without them having to give up too many of life’s pleasures. This leaves them feeling fit and healthy and looking good in their clothes, but washboard abs are not necessarily within their grasp.
Time framed: Set a deadline by which you need to achieve your goal. If you’re too vague with this you’ll coast along. Setting a specific time frame by which you need to complete your task will motivate you to work towards it. Put a big star in your diary on your end date so you know what you’re working towards. Break your goal down into smaller goals, such as losing one to two pounds a week, or completing Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital three workouts a week. Put these smaller goals in your diary as well and tick them off as you achieve them. You can even break them down into daily goals, such as making sure you eat healthily for an entire day, or going to the gym. You will get a real sense of accomplishment when you achieve what you set out to do. And if one day you don’t achieve it, just get back on track the following day.
Let’s make those New Year’s resolutions stick this year.