Pelvic Exam Videos – Procedure and Uses

The examination of the pelvic area is a procedure carried out for women to check…

The examination of the pelvic area is a procedure carried out for women to check and inspect the health of their reproductive organs. Medical websites offer Plevic exam videos as a part of their online content. This is useful for the practitioner, medical students as well as patients. Current Epidemiology Issues 2019 Such videos explain the procedure step by step. The main aspect kept in mind while performing this procedure is that the patient should be comfortable. The patient’s health, fitness and comfort while going through the procedure are of utmost importance during the inspection.
Most of the medical pelvic exam videos have an instructor performing the procedure. Simultaneously, a professional voice over is provided which explains the actions in the visual description. The content is used as an educative tool for those who wish to understand the subject. Young women who undergo the procedure as a part of their medical check-ups often hesitate in discussing their concerns with their doctor. It is important to remember that doubts regarding any medical condition or procedure should always be clarified so that one can understand one’s body better.
The top medical news has the latest advancement in the filed reported regularly. In such articles you will find that the pelvic exam is regarded as one of the important routines needed to inspect health of a woman’s body. The process is simple and is completed in less than a few minutes. The physician will first examine the outer are of your body like the abdomen, the skin, the anal and genitals openings and the surrounding regions. The next step includes examining the internal organs. A speculum will be inserted into the body in a slow and gentle manner. At the same time, the abdomen of the patient will be gently pressed to feel the uterus and ovaries. Consequently, in the final step of this test, the doctor will insert his or her fingers into the female genital opening. The fingers will certainly be covered with gloves. This is done to report the health of internal parts of the reproductive system.
A woman watching pelvic exam videos before her test may presume that the procedure is painful and cumbersome. However this is not true. The entire process takes very less time and can be done in the healthcare centre with a prior appointment. Soon after the test, you can carry on with your daily routine habits. You can take your friend, spouse or parent along so that you are comfortable. But you can rest assured, that the procedure is nothing to be worried about. If abnormalities are seen or noted, treatment can be started soon after, at the physician’s discretion.
The Shot on location in Botswana, this video provides a detailed, step-by-step, sensitive demonstration of a pelvic exam performed by a local doctor. The doctor describes each action in English, highlighting her examination of the skin, abdomen, and the anal and genital regions. Additionally, she How To Keep Body Healthy And Fit demonstrates speculum insertion and use, an inguinal exam, and how to assess uterine tenderness. Throughout the video, the doctor models careful attention to patient comfort. This video is intended as a tool for instructing clinicians and students on a thorough and patient-sensitive pelvic exam.