When cavities of the body get abnormally associated, a fistula is formed. An example of such a condition would be colostomy where a passageway is connected between the abdominal wall and the colon. Importance Of Health Insurance Ppt Such a connection can also occur between the anus and other parts of the body like the intestinal lining or the vagina or the outer skin surface. Each of these may be termed as an anal fistula.
What are the symptoms?
A tunneling of the body cavity can be observed in this medical state. Due to this abscess or pus may be formed near the anal canal. Lesions may also occur and in some cases, these may be filled with body fluids like excretory material. In these cases, natural healing is difficult and medical aid has to be sought for. The individual may also experience pain in the lower abdomen and near the anus. Change in body temperature, itching and general fatigue can be noticed in patients. However, severity may vary from person to person and hence it is important to discuss any discomfort with your healthcare expert. Nowadays, many online doctors are also available who can promptly help and assist you.
Why does it occur?
The anal fistula can occur for various reasons like injury or digestive diseases. Injury due to constipation or infection in the lining of the anus can lead to this medical state. Besides this there are two diseases Best Skin Care Products Drugstore in which these types of fistulae mainly form – the first would be the Crohn’s disease and the second includes Ulcerative colitis. Discharge with foul odor and accumulation of pus are commonly noticed.
What are the tests and surgeries for cure?
Some of the tests which are used to treat and examine an anal fistula are – the Barium enema test, colonoscopy or a sigmoidoscopy procedure. Sometimes, an upper endoscopic procedure may be carried out. Further, the examinations that are used to understand inflammatory bowel diseases can be used here, to study the fistula.
The main method to confirm the condition is Fistulogram test. Here, X-ray photography of the affected area is carried out after a radiant dye is injected into the body. The exact presence of the abnormality can be recorded by this method.
After the medical procedures, the patient can heal and restore a healthy living in a few weeks. Appropriate medication must be taken. The diet plan should be followed as per your healthcare expert’s advice along with a healthy lifestyle.