How to Be a Healthy Weight Watcher

Forget the stigma surrounding weight loss. A diet that works for one person, most of…

Forget the stigma surrounding weight loss. A diet that works for one person, most of the time doesn’t work for the next. There are as many diets on the market as there are people who want to lose weight and be healthy – Atkins, Jenny Craig, Maple Syrup, Detox, Baby Food Diet – you get the point. But the basis of any good diet is to be a healthy weight watcher. Sound simple? Well, it is. Just think fresh – fresh food, water and oxygen. There are so many contaminants in the ingredients that enter our bodies every day, not to mention a lack of time to exercise, stress and hormones that affect how our bodies look.
Here are three tips to consider before you reach for the diet books and start the cringe-worthy health kick:
1. Watch your food Cincinnati Children’S Hospital Address fantasies
Don’t overindulge in your food fantasies. Read the recipe labels of the foods you’re consuming and be mindful of the sugar and salt content in processed food. These are the ingredients that head straight for the hips and aren’t good for your health. If you love chocolate, it’s simple, switch to dark chocolate (it has the health-tick from nutritionists).
2. A healthy mind equals Chemotherapy Wiki a healthy body
Who loves pounding away on the treadmill for an hour at a time just to get healthy? Not us! But if you strategise your exercise routine to suit your body you can cut your gym-time in half. There are thousands of fitness exercises on the market but as with diets, not everybody suits the same circuits so find out first what works for your bod.
3. Cut the chemicals
We’re all up for increasing our energy sources by splashing out on vitamins to include in our diet. From a multi-vitamin to vitamin C and wheat-grass shots, it’s a simple recipe based on the more boost you can get the better. But be careful of food chemicals! A lot of processed food recipes are packed full of powders, chemicals and added ingredients that aren’t necessarily good for your body so check the label and try and stick with fresh foods instead. You’ll be a lot healthier for it.
If you’re following the three steps to healthy weight watching then you’re probably on the right track to kicking fad diets and living a health-approved life. While we said being a healthy weight watcher was easy, getting the bod you want rarely is. Practice, perseverance and a fridge full of fresh food is the way to go.