Family Health and Stress Management Awareness Information

Everyone wants to keep good health and as parents we would wish to stay well…

Everyone wants to keep good health and as parents we would wish to stay well for ourselves and for our children. But some of the pressures of modern living can give rise to ill health for us or our loved ones. Problems to do with our wellbeing due to modern day stress are a reality for many. However you do not have to let stress ruin your life and the shocking statistics of related diseases and illnesses can be turned round. There is plenty of research that gives evidence to how people can enjoy good health and wellbeing if they make some significant and crucial alterations to their life style, thinking and responses. It is important to understand that there are many management techniques that can help you prevent health worries related to contemporary stress.
Health information
Everywhere you go you will find health information about disease and health conditions but it might be a bit harder to find readily accessible information about stress management. It has only been in recent times that people have begun to really acknowledge the consequences of stress on the human condition- Soldiers at war are now known to be suffering from psychological war syndromes, workers are now known to be suffering from work place stress and caring professionals bear the burden of compassion fatigue or secondary trauma as part of their role. In many walks of life people can begin to struggle to deal with life and have symptoms of poorly managed stress.
What are the signs and symptoms?
There is no one overall cause of stress, it is widely believed to be something that that impacts people from external sources that become internalized. There are however several major types of stressful conditions which research has identified. Generally they are thought to be 3 types of stress
Acute, reoccurring Regulations For Vitamins And Supplements and chronic stress
Acute, or short lived stress is usually what is described as fight- or- flight stress; stress that is reoccurring is when you may have an episode such as an exam to prepare for or a series of exams; it is the final type of stress, chronic stress, which is the most worrying as it is almost like a background noise which if not dealt with will wear most peoples body down and contribute to ill health.
Illustrations of the effects on the body of chronic stress contributing to weakened immune systems include, raised adrenaline levels coursing around your body for too long, an elevated heart rate, shallow breathing which depletes the organs of oxygen and reduced fitness levels, overwhelming thoughts and feelings which have a psychological effect on mental wellness and disturbances in a person’s overall life forces and an inability to function on many levels. Left untreated the on-going effects of stress will continue to have a negative effect on your wellbeing, affect your daily functioning and lead to more serious health concerns. Some people who have a predisposition to certain ailments will find that these are worsened due to the impact of stress or stressful situations. Such conditions might be people who suffer from skin problems such as eczema, asthma or migraines, a bout of such a condition could be triggered during or following times of stress. It is not easy to know who is most vulnerable to stress but if you have a pre requisite to certain ailments and conditions it is worth having a discussion with your health practitioner if you think that stress could be affecting you in any area of your life. They can recommend a program of treatment which may include prevention.
Children and Adolescence
It is important that parents be aware of the effects of abnormal stress levels on growing children and adolescents. Both girls and boys are at risk of it and we can see evidence of this with our teenagers who are beginning to suffer illness such as high blood pressure during their youth thought to be brought on by stress related issues in these modern times. Study after study has revealed that the top stressful issues for teenage Jobs Related To Physician Assistant people are worry and anxiety about academic achievement which scores higher than unsafe communities and financial worries. Conditions are made worse by youngsters who are also eating foods which exacerbate genetic vulnerabilities, self-esteem issues due to unhelpful comparisons and media influences. The effects of parenting on young people are another issues which ranked as a highly stressful for some teenagers in many surveys.
Preventative Health
Prevention when it comes to stress is vital as it has been researched that the on-going unchecked, persistent effects of stress is what wears our bodies down. As adults taking control of stressful situations is important and includes having a good understanding of what triggers stress in you; this stress awareness in yourself is suggested as preventative health advice by many practitioners as being effective for all types of stressful situations. It is believed that if you can be aware of what triggers you can do something about it either by not being in that situation or even changing that situation or environment. As you make choices about how you react your body will be encouraged to deal with stressful situations better. This is in no way suggesting you condone things that are not acceptable but is a suggestion that you acknowledge how this type of situation makes you feel and you work on why you get triggered and incorporate alternatives which are more appropriate to making you feel better. The next thing to then consider is – how do you react to the stress stimuli? Some people who over eat, drink or take drugs can trace the need for these substances in excess to be highly related to stressful situations, they use them as real or imagined crutches to get through these difficulties. Learning how you deal with excess stress and pressures can be your biggest clue to the persistent health problems you or your children maybe experiencing.
Stress Management Techniques
There is no substitute for professional advice but there are many proven stress management techniques and resources that you might want to try in order to help you manage your stress levels. You can start by keeping a stress journal to be identified the times that you are responding in a way that gives you cause for concern, eventually you will see patterns and then you can look at stress management techniques that can help you. What works for you and your family members to be less “stressed out” and to create good health and wellbeing will be unique to you; but ensure that you pay particular attention to stress that impact on the best future for your family and your spiritual and physical wellbeing in these modern times.