Improve All Three Legs Of Your Triathlon Without Performance Enhancing Drugs

It is hard to imagine a more strenuous athletic competition than the triathlon. No matter what distance you are competing over, the triathlon will stretch you to both your mental and physical limits. Being able to transition seamlessly from swimming to biking to running requires whole body training that very few are able to attain. If you have dedicated yourself to becoming a finely tuned triathlete, add regular chiropractic visits to your training regimen for an edge over the field.
Why would you see a chiropractor if you aren’t hurt? It is pretty simple, really. Your body gets out of alignment throughout the course of daily life. If you are training for a triathlon, those misalignments get even farther out of place and the process happens much faster. Even if you are not in pain, you could have many subluxated vertebrae that are limiting your movement and overall performance. In a sport that asks so much of the body, having yourself in perfect alignment is crucial to success.
“If it weren’t for chiropractic, I wouldn’t have won the gold medal!”
-Dan O’Brien, Decathlon Health Awareness Tips Gold Medalist
While the decathlon and the triathlon are obviously different competitions, they are similar in the requirements they place on your body. To compete in a high level at either event, you need to be strong, lean, and in excellent cardiovascular shape. Dan O’Brien understood that in order to get his body to a world-class level, and keep it there, he needed the assistance of chiropractic adjustments. Thanks to those regular adjustments, O’Brien was able to top the field in the Olympic decathlon and be crowned as the ‘World’s Greatest Athlete’.
One of the most important aspects to triathlon training is simply staying off of the sidelines. Many potential triathletes are knocked off track by injuries that delay their training to a point where they can no longer prepare in time for the race. Medicine Tablet This is why getting chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis before you get hurt is so important. The adjustments will help you to train at your highest possible level, as well as keep you pain-free so that you can answer the bell day after day.
The biking aspect of the triathlon can be particularly difficult on your back, especially when you start putting in the long miles. The position you are put into on a Tri Bike is hunched over and can wear on your back as the weeks go by. Make sure you stay on your bike and out on the road by seeing your chiropractor on a regular basis.
Training for a triathlon is an ambitious undertaking, and you should be commended for having the guts to take it on. Finishing your first triathlon, or setting a personal best time, is a feeling unlike any other. As you are planning the training regimen you will use before your next race, build chiropractic visits into the plan. Those visits will not only keep you healthy during training, but also will extract the best possible performance out of your body. Whether you are in the water, on your bike, or running the final leg, chiropractic adjustments will having you working at top speed!