Digital Photo Taking – Healthy or Not?

Thanks to the many new digital technologies available, photo taking has never been more popular.

We now have smart phones with cameras. We have pocket-sized cameras from a startling array of manufactures. We have highly advanced DSLR models that can run many thousands of dollars.

Millions of digital photos are now taken and uploaded to the internet every day.

But is all this digital photo taking helping or hurting your health?

New research has some Are Workout Supplements Good For You surprising answers.

For example, when done properly, digital photo taking can:

Help you lose weight

Help you fight diabetes without drugs

Help ease depression

Help relieve chronic pain

Help fight alcohol and drug dependence

Help you find a new mate

Help improve your self esteem

Help fight insomnia

Help boost metabolism

Help retain muscle and bone mass

Provide a great low-stress cardio workout

Help keep your mind Good Health Habits fresh and active

Fight isolation and social ills

Provide income for better nutrition

… and much more!

Prior to digital photography, the expense, complication of developing and printing film negatives, and lack of control over all the processes offered little opportunity for the mass population to get involved beyond capturing holiday memories.

Now, with the proliferation of digital cameras in all shapes and sizes, instant picture viewing and sharing, and the ability to edit those photos yourself, the general population is much more involved in photography.

The digital camera has become a catalyst for social interaction and healthier minds and bodies.

Digital picture taking has moved into a more social role than one of just art or record keeping.

New evidence is emerging that defines just how the digital camera can be used to effect all the health benefits shown above.

Studies are showing which type of digital camera works best as a fitness aid. It seems that certain cameras are better suited for therapeutic purposes. And it is not just the most expensive ones either.

While photography still falls far short of a fitness or diet craze, there is a trend emerging that could lead to the camera taking on a much more prominent role in these areas.

The timing couldn’t be better. As the largest population segment in history, baby boomers, move toward a time in life when moderate exercise is best suited, digital camera activities are particularly well suited for improving senior minds and senior bodies.

But anyone seriously interested in improving their physical or mental health in a fun, new, low-stress way should definitely take another look at digital photography.

When used properly, your digital camera could become the best, pocket-sized fitness machine you ever owned.